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  1. That's pretty cool. ^^ I'd like to be able to go to one to see what it's like. I'd like to actually go to a lot of different places to experience them and have some sort of memory of them, if my memory would cooperate as far as letting me even register the places I want to see as a memory in the first place. >< I'd never be able to remember how to use the different races if I made the same number of characters as there were races, let alone if I made more characters than the number of races. lol That's one of the bad things about having such a short attention span and my horrible memory. >< Melee can be fun to play as though. ^^ They're definitely more fun to use in games nowadays than they used to be in older games. Nier Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition (Nintendo Switch): So far I've managed to upgrade most of the weapons I've collected in 2B's story (also known as Route A), but I haven't even gone to the Forest Castle yet because I plan on taking on that Lord of the Canyon quest first. Fortunately, I've managed to put together a formidable Plug-in Chip setup for B2 so far. Additionally, I've also managed to fuse Shockwave Plug-in Chips up to level 4, so I intend to keep my distance when fighting the enemies that will spawn in the canyon so the Shockwave from each attack will reach enemies that aren't even close by. I've gotten my hands on some other Plug-in Chips that will and have come i handy in a number of tight spots. The DLC for this game was free... unless it was included... I'm not really sure which one it was now, but it's probably too late to find out now since I downloaded the DLC already. lol I've managed to beat the first 2 ranks of both the Sand Trials Colosseum and the Gambler's Colosseum, so I've managed to get the Key Items that can be used to alter 2B's and A2's hair color. I'll try to remember to upload a screenshot of the outfit, hair color, and accessory I've equipped to 2B. ^^
  2. It's definitely a smaller number of friends that I'm more comfortable with that I can truly call friends. Like the saying goes, quality over quantity. ^^ I think you tempted fate, @Sasuke. o.o
  3. Mom and I watched Bulletproof today. ^^ I sometimes forget how hilarious Adam Sandler's movies are. rofl My big sister always loved the guy, especially The Hanukkah Song he sings. ^^
  4. Mom and I are watching a Rick & Morty re-run.
  5. I'll have to wait until the later days of the month to do that so I don't use up any of the data we have for February. lol
  6. What the...? o.0 I'm so curious now I might look it up on YouTube. ><
  7. lol Are you higher leveled than her in PW?
  8. Becoming a vengeful spirit after dying.
  9. A box of Valentine's Day chocolates. ^^
  10. lol I may not have any friends from that long ago, but I'm glad I don't because the people I knew 14 years ago weren't very genuine people. ^^; I'm glad I've learned from those experiences though. ^^ Well... to an extent. lmao
  11. That sounds fun to play, too. ^^ I've never been to any China-town area before though, so I'm not sure if I can actually visualize it accurately. That's more customize options than I think I've ever been able to use in a game before. If there's a lot of equipment options for the melee type characters, I'd really lean towards using that one. Or if I just kept dying repeatedly without making any progress as a magic user. lol For some reason I end up starting games over a lot. Most likely because I forget the story of the game, or most of it anyway. The weird thing is when I do forget the story (or most of it) and restart it it kind of is like playing it for the first time all over again. Weird, huh? o.0
  12. Huh. I actually didn't think about getting sketch stuff from there. Usually I just look for games or anime on there. I get tunnel vision when it comes to games and anime sometimes. ^^; Poor ferret though. lol At least there was an experience of flying for a while. XD A couch pillow thing that people put on couches. (I don't know the actual name of it ^^; )
  13. A Bane & Jerry's ice cream that had chocolate chips on top of chocolate ice cream in it that I forgot the name of and a muffin with no icing.
  14. That'd be SWEET!!!! lol I like seeing how plants grow, but I just can't seem to remember when to water them. >< >< A ferret plushie~
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