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  1. I never got to play WOW. >< Even back on dial-up when it was the only option out there we didn't get the standard 56.4kb connection... I really hope I'm getting that number right... We only got a 26.4kb connection. It seems like we've always been stuck with really subpar internet. lol I didn't know most of the phone games had that anime look though. I haven't really learned that much about what places i China actually look like, even from the History Channel that mom and I like to watch. It'd be interesting to explore the vast expanse of the China landscape in PW. ^^ Customizing a character is always fun to do, it's one of my favorite parts of a game. ^^ I can't even think of all of the different ways there must be to customize a character in PW if someone could spend hours doing it. You're making me want to play it so much!! >< >< I didn't realize that Venomancers were magic users though. That explains the summoning aspect, but I never made the connection. lol ^^; It sounds like a lot of fun to play as a Veno. ^^ That's a good redeeming quality for the glass-like defense of a magic user type that it sounds like a Veno has. Magic users are really fun to use because of their specialty. ^^ It seems like melee based types are just easier to use. I only got into the magic users later on as I got older since I couldn't really figure out how to use them without getting crushed in a few hits in some battle. >< I admittedly wasn't a very smart kid. lol I'm better about it now, but still not exactly an expert with them or anything. A lot better than I used to be at using magic users least. ^^;
  2. I didn't know they made different ones for a character. I just thought they made one design for each character. Is the Mitsuki plushie new? Like, was it released recently? I'm glad you still got a Mitsuki merch though. After reading about him when I looked him up, I can see why he's such a likable character. ^^
  3. I bet he cracked up though. At least that's what I picture him doing in my head when you did that. lol I would've been petrified. I hate when women yell at me. Something about it really makes me close my eyes tight and kind of shrink a little. The loudness of the yell makes me cover my ears, too. Unless it's a guy that does it. I'll yell back at a guy, but I'm not about to yell back at a woman. ><
  4. When I read that it actually scared me because I pictured you actually yelling that. o.o
  5. They're both so adorable~ X3 I bet you'll be able to get the Mitsuki plushie when it's on sale. It seems like everything goes on sale sooner or later. ^^
  6. Ohh, I like Narwhals!!!! They remind me of aquatic versions of Unicorns. ^^ Like they're some of the closest things to any kind of Unicorn concept I think that could live in the sea. ^^ It really is pretty unexpected how similar they are in appearance. As far as you know, are they both descendants from the same marine life that they evolved from or is it just a strange coincidence of mother nature? It just seems like it would explain why porpoises and dolphins so closely resemble one another at first glance. I'm relieved to hear they don't do that thing you said dolphins tend to do though. I definitely look at dolphins differently now. rofl
  7. Really? That's pretty impressive to me because the games I played that were multiplayer had an anime kind of look to it. My step-brother mentioned "cel-shaded" when I showed him Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 on PS2 because I don't think he ever saw gameplay of it and all I know about what it means is it's the term used for graphics with that anime look to them like if the game's "cel-shaded" then they gave it an anime-esque appearance as far as the graphics. Those are the only kinds of graphics that were in the multiplayer games I played that had that marriage feature. Perfect World looks different than that cel-shaded stuff like Budokai 3 graphics. I thought PW would have those kinds of graphics in it, but it looks much more realistic the way it is. ^^ Thanks for explaining the ears of the Venomancers though. For a while I was wondering if you were able to be a character of Fran's race(which I forgot the name of ><). It makes more sense after you cleared it up though. ^^ It sounds like there's all kinds of variations a player could choose for their Venomancer character from hearing you talk about the ears, tails and maybe even other types of additions players can make to the Venomancers they make. I love that they can use pets/summons to battle along with the character. Can't go wrong with magic!!!! Well, I mean, someone can rely on it to the point where a player is left basically defenseless if any enemy(ies) survive the magic damage, but I get the feeling a Venomancer can handle themselves in a melee situation if needed. I must'veplayed Final Fantasy games too much. ^^;
  8. I tend to avoid box sets nowadays, but I just prefer to buy all of an anime that I like (if it's at an acceptable price anyway) in one go, so I like to buy the full $30 or $40 on an anime with one season instead of 23 or so separate DVD or blu-ray released of a certain number of episodes per DVD or blu-ray like Bleach or Naruto Shppuden has. I don't have streaming as an option to watch anime (maybe at some point we will, but I'm not very optimistic about the chances of that happening) and even though I rewatch a lot of my anime even I like to get new anime series or movies. I'm talking things like Hellsing, Chrono Crusade, Witch Hunter Robin, Witchblade complete series in one full release of all of the episodes instead of running the risk of buying some of an anime only to have no way to buy the rest. I've got Fullmetal Alchemist, but only the complete season one when I thought it was the whole series. I can't get the complete season two of its DVD all-in-one release now because of the ridiculously skyrocketed price people have it listed for, so I can't ever get the complete second season DVD purchase to have the whole series. The main reason why I prefer to buy anime with only one or two seasons (or anime movies) is to avoid that kind of situation I'm in with my only having Fullmetal Alchemist complete season one without having any way of getting the FMA complete season two all-in-one DVD release. It makes sense in my mind at least.
  9. lol I think she might actually follow through with that threat now after you did that though. XD
  10. Oh man, I'd love to have that ability!!! >< I gift you a black Ferrari in Perfect World so you also get a car. Two cars are better than one, right? ^^
  11. Ohh, ok. Sounds like it was fun to be husband and wife taking those things down, watching each other's backs. ^^ @Sakura knows this because I mentioned it to her, but in the games I played at some point where a male and female player could marry each other I never married anyone in those games for a few reasons. One was I never talked to or knew anybody on any of the games that were like that. ^^; That, and I just never really wanted to. It would've made things easier because of the benefits of doing that with another player, but I just did my own thing and liked to pass the time by farming and grinding. I know some gamers find that to be monotonous sometimes, but since I've got nothing to do but play games and I've got an unusual amount of patience for doing things in games like that I just like to take my time with the progress. ^^ Congrats again though on the wedding ceremony, you two~ ^^
  12. After watching that, I'm not sure I ever actually knew what a porpoise was. lol Thanks, @Animedragon. ^^
  13. I don't find it boring, but at the same time I can't buy anime as often as I used to because our little family at home isn't making as much as it used to. So, I can only get anime or a game sometimes after a while, but because I don't really have any way to explore any different anime I like to just try to buy anime from series I'm more familiar with which, like @Sakura, is from the 90's or early 2000's. That, and I can't afford to buy anime that would require buying more than 1 season to watch anymore. I seldom make exceptions, but only for anime with a maximum of 2 seasons. When it comes to more recent anime though, they tend to have more seasons than I can afford to get when I can only get a game or anime at a time now. At least that's what mom said to me... I'm paraphrasing though.
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