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  1. I have a problem to fall asleep :c


    1. Viper


      Think about all the times you failed in life and cry to sleep like I do lol but seriously just watch something like wildlife programs and the sound of that always calms me and helps me sleepĀ 

  2. Hungary. I want to make a foot trip. And, i'd like to travel to Japan, of course.
  3. Excluding english, i'm trying to learn hungarian. Maybe i'll try japanese?
  4. I want one catgirl. Ech... shame that thy're not real. I'd like to hug them. Purr purr :3
  5. Weird. I must learn for a five subjects (I'm a college student), and tommorow I must wake up for morning a shift.
  6. decp

    Shower vs Bath

    Shower. I don't remeber, when I did recently bath.
  7. decp


    I've played Darkwood, and I must say that game is something fresh in Indie games. Dark, very hard, and have a specific atmosphere. What about plot? Hmmm, I think, that studio was inspired games like "Silent Hill" etc. You know, a horrors. What do you think, about this game? Did you played it?
  8. Hmmmm, from last year, i'm going to sleep in 12pm-2am and i'm trying to get up in 6-7 am.
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