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  1. That's an amazing signature you got there.
  2. ragkt

    Whats up with the dots?

    Oh my God, now I noticed this! O_O
  3. ragkt

    New Registrations Suspended

    I would like to say that spam and advertisers have been happening in most forums for quite a while now, judging by what I have seen. So, closing the registration window is pretty much understood. We are all supporting you, too, so best of luck with your life!
  4. ragkt

    Oh.. Hi!

    Welcome! ^^
  5. ragkt


    There are people who certainly experience worse than you at the moment, yet they never thought of giving up. So why would you?
  6. ragkt

    Cartoons that you've watched..

    Only old animations! I'm talking about Popeye, Thundercats, and Dragon Tales, my favorite ones. As for recently released cartoons, I'd say Steven Universe. In all honesty, though, I don't like any other cartoons that were released these days.. these gems lost their charm.
  7. ragkt

    Hello, I'm "NEW" here!

    Welcome to the community! ^^
  8. ragkt

    New Here

    Welcome to the community!
  9. ragkt

    How are you all doing?

    I'm good! I have been playing cards for a few hours. If you feel like you won't get out of your stress anytime soon, speak with someone you trust.
  10. ragkt

    Guess who's back!

    I've seen you some times in old posts. Welcome back! :3
  11. ragkt

    The last movie you just recently watched

    I watched The Phantom of The Opera (2004) 3 days ago. I didn't regret it.
  12. Could you please give me the name of the website and topic name if you remember? That's all I need to possibly find the picture you want. Hopefully it saves you out of trouble! ^^;
  13. ragkt

    Hiromi Tsuru, The Voice of Bulma and Others has died

    That's terrifying. I don't know what to say, really...
  14. ragkt

    What Are You Watching Today?

    Adorable hedgehog!! That aside, I am (planning) to rewatch D. Gray Man, but assuming the series is long I'll only watch 2~3 episodes for today.
  15. ragkt

    First manga you completed/binged.

    I have read a decent amount of manga, but I have finished only 1 (Akaiito by Miyasaka Kaho). That is, because I am still actually learning the order of reading a manga in general.
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