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  1. You're not just a gyro, you'e a hero.
  2. I am looking for an anime I watched a while ago that is about a male student who joins a club that deals with problems. He solves them by turning himself into an enemy to make others bond with each other to hate him.
  3. Welcome! I just joined recently also. I will be excited to get to know you further! I'm curious, since you mentioned seafood and meat, are you a fan of the dish Okonomiyaki? While usually having pork in it. I heard it tastes better with Octopus and Pork. It seems like wolves and foxes will always be their favorite, I'm surprised I didn't see wolf's rain as being one of your favorite animes. Anyways Welcome again!
  4. Well I'll go into a bit of detail to what made me search Anime Forum. I recently watched a playlist detailing a certain youtuber known as Boxxy, a person I did not know but was a big gaia online user. It was actually really interesting how her story went and the changes that happened from her three videos. If you are curious Search Zarathustra's Serpent on youtube and he has a playlist detailing the events behind boxxy. Anyways, I was a gaia online user back in the day, maybe around 12 or so years ago when I was in high school. When I was on Gaia online, I eventually joined a group of Role players that started their own forum known as Anime Raindrops. It was a forum in which I met a lot of friendly people, role played and felt inspired to work harder on improving myself. Needless to say this group died long ago, a little after I went to college. I never really went back to gaia online and the people I met slowly drifted away until I couldn't even recognize them anymore as their personalities changed drastically... Ever have that feeling that you are standing still while everyone drifts around you so fast you can't keep up? Anyways, After watching that playlist I reminisced about my time on gaia and my time in anime raindrops and I wanted to rekindle the past a bit... I know that memories cannot be repeated and I don't intend to use this forum as some sort of past euphoria trip but I do want to remember the me I used to be, a hard worker, creative and enjoying a forum life with people of different interests. Needless to say, I came here because you offered all these outlets, a creative corner, multiple threads with subjects of all kinds. If you'll have me. I intend to use this website to the fullest. I intend to begin my videogame here and I will be looking towards others for support, advice and help through it. A bit of a long winded reason of how I found it but then again I tend to over-type.
  5. They say those with the highest Charisma score also have the most moe Charisma Break.
  6. I mean I used to be the president of an anime club. I have high tolerance to annoying things. Though It's pretty cool you can make sushi. I can't say the same. I'm just a cannibal of sushi like myself. Thanks for the warm welcome!



      I wish I had real life friends other than my bff that likes anime the other anime lovers at my school are bitches lol



      let alone a club for my devoted favourite country's entertainment

  7. Hmmm... Note Particularly any anime I would recommend beyond (It sounds like you are looking for an action like anime with that gimmick) RECOMMENDED: I'm sure you've seen these but: 1) Konosuba (A comedy adventure anime) The main character is a bit of a loser and has perverted tendencies but it is not the main focus. 2) Re: Zero (A serious anime) The main character is a dork and can be a bit frustrating to watch but the anime is super good. 3) No Game, NO Life (Comedy thriller) It is also perverted but it is interesting as most of the perversion is very well disguised, while it has a little sister obsessed with the big brother, those feelings are never returned and often disuaded by the big brother. The fan service exists obviously but I don't find it to be on high school dxd but that might be me. 4) The World God Only Knows (Comedy Romance)- Might not be transported to another world or rather a world is transported to the main character. Probably not what you are looking for as it has no real action. 5) Overlord - Definitely a good anime to watch, has a perverted succubus but not a perverted main character. NOT RECOMMENDED: 1)There's Gate but that anime wasn't particularly good, probably follows more of fan service than actual story... beyond having some interesting factors. Wouldn't say the main character is a pervert but perverted things happen to him 2) Log Horizon - I;m sure you've seen it so let's skip over it. I think that is all that has come to mind really concerning the topic. It was really big a year or so ago but kinda died off after that really quickly.
  8. I won't deny that it does seem a bit quiet. You just don't see as many forums around nowadays with things like discord. But I find forum venue far more appeasing. Thanks for the introduction though.
  9. Assuming you watch this person, can I assume you also listen to Adrisaurus? I am a big fan of her work also.
  10. Both sound fairly fine to me. Though I suppose names do have some bearing on attracting attention. Names such as Press L to P and such get noticed for their name. Though most people choose a name that's catchy to say. Chuggaconroy ProtonJon NintendoCapriSun Lucahjin Markiplier JackSepticeye It seems that these names usually fall in between 3-4 syllables consisting on 2-3 words cradled together Chugga and Conroy Proton and Jon Not sure if this does anything for views but you should pick a name that you will be fairly comfortable with holding for the rest of your career should it take off.
  11. Playing Phoenix Wright Vs Professor Layton. I am not a fan of Professor Layton but I do like Pheonix Wright.
  12. Without stating the obvious too much, I'm new. I haven't been on forums since I was in high school... maybe around 12 years or so when I was a huge gaia online fan. As you can guess, I am fairly old, about to turn 30. Never really understood the whole growing up idea in which I have to lose things that I like. I wanted to try to get back into forums because I remember that communities like forums were really fun. Whether I meet anyone or not is another story but I thought I'd give this whole deal a chance. The idea popped into my head when I watched an informative playlist of a person named Boxxy, who used to be on Gaia online. It made me remember times back when I was a teenager, so maybe I'm just looking for nostalgia. I am currently working on stories and trying to make a few apps catering to anime fans. I want to make a videogame but I can't seem to get myself enthusiastic enough. Could use motivation from others or maybe a group willing to work with me. USELESS FACTS ABOUT ME: I'm a fairly open book, I am generally nice to most people but I'm fairly political if provoked into political discussion. I dabble in social philosophy/psychology and find it very interesting. I've lest facebook about 2 months ago because I was fed up with listening to friends and family berate me for my ideals. I enjoy drawing, but I'm not great at it. I would sum me up as a jack of all trades but an expert at nothing. ANIMES that I like Outlaw star, Konosuba, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Magic Knights Rayearth, Yakitate Japan!!, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell.... amongst many others. I would state more but we'd be here all day. I think the rest can be found out later. Anyways it is good to meet you all and I look forward to learning more about others as I go along.
  13. I just recently joined. I wanted to rejoin a forum community. It's been a long time since I last used one. I think maybe 12 years ago or so I was a gaia online fanatic. A lot has changed but I wanted to rekindle the memories the have long since past. I recently saw a video from a Youtuber that detailed the persona of a character named Boxxy and I found it quite interesting. It is what sparked me wanting to go back onto a forum.
  14. New - Want to be part of the forum life again.

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