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  1. is that the full name? cant find a link on content
  2. I want to offer this for another thought. Sometimes i want a quick anime question to be answered and a vbb forum is to slow than. Anyone in the mood for a irc channel?
  3. You never said anything about science fiction mate You said "science". Well i only seen 1 season but they talk about science. But that is the only science anime i know. I liked ' parallel world pharmacy' . Have you seen that one?,...it feels a bit sciency now and than. Sorry man, no other tips from me.
  4. Welcome here. Looking at your name i assume your a Hunter x Hunter fan like myself?
  5. I assume you have seen the latest Dr Stone episodes?
  6. Wanted to give a small review. I like the action, i like the pace, i really like the quality of drawing. I loved ep 1 till 6. But then they try to finish the story to fast with many sub layers. The last episodes went all over the place. Is it DBZ, is it naruto, is it a martial art? I am confused. 6.5/10 for me
  7. Watching The God of High School. Not my normal anime. Curious Now at ep 2
  8. It's y birthdayyyyyy. Already 47 years old. I am turning into an old man haha. I am expecting a good isekai suggestion as present from you guys 😛

    1. Animedragon


      Happy Birthday 🍰 🎂 I hope you have a very enjoyable day.

      47 isn't old.

    2. Ohayotaku


      Happy Birthday 🥳 Hope you enjoyed your day 🥂

      As far as isekai recommendations, having trouble remembering all the ones I’ve already recommended or that you mentioned watching & not seeing a link to your list on MAL. 

      Maybe try Saga of Tanya the Evil


      it’s different from most other isekai in that it’s set in an alternate WW I timeline with magic. It’s fairly popular, currently has 1 season, a movie & a special. A season 2 is supposedly in the works, but haven’t heard any news in about a year. Alternatively, season 2 of Mushoku Tensei just started streaming.

    3. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      late happy birthday!! 🥳🥳🥳

  9. Loved it, And season 2 will hopefully come next fall
  10. After some time away from my favorite isekai,..i am back and starting Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles now. I hope it is any good
  11. Thanks. Need something to watch tonight. You have any suggestions in the isekai, fantasy, magic genre Post 2010? Watching The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat now. Great but i have a feeling i already watched it hahaha. Still good though but only 12 eps
  12. Mate,..would you recommend this one? I am looking for a new anime to watch now Vinland saga finished
  13. Still loving kamuy and havent finished that yet,..also watching the weekly stuff, Still watching Jigokuraku. One of best anime i ever watched.
  14. Thank you for replying. i bought the book @viruxx suggested. But due to circumstances havent looked at it. I will. Thank you
  15. Thanks mate,..it was hard. After 10 days feeling a little bit better now. Gonna watch some anime this evening finally
  16. i am sorry. my brother died that day and i lashed out. I am sorry
  17. Thank you. i would like to have it like: Location: The Netherlands Occupation: IT manager Gender: ♂
  18. Yeahhh i have a week holiday. Staying at a bungalow holiday park called landal Vennenbos

    1. Animedragon


      I hope you have a good time.

  19. Watching Vinland Saga. Not my normal anime choice but i really like it
  20. @Myouya Hi, i see on many posts behind the posters name: Location: Occupation: Gender: ♂ I filled it in aswell in profile but i doesnt show. What am i doing wrong?
  21. ahh thanks. i never heard of that word before and even google showed multiple options. Well lets talk about anime then
  22. Hi, welcome. I do not understand your sentence:.." I’m really just looking for people who wouldn’t mind letting me gush about my fandom to them" can you please explain? Sorry not english native
  23. Very welcome, i hope you enjoy your stay. What kind of anime do you like so far? Perhaps we can recommend anime titles. The anime universe is to big to waist on mediocre anime haha
  24. I am thinking of writing a blog/ article on my favorite anime. And i am pretty decent in English language , but it is not my mother tongue. Is there anyone who would do me the kindness of rereading?
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