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  1. That's the US. I don't know how it works over there, but to be fair, in Singapore, we don't say those common courtesies to each other as often. As a matter of fact, we can sometimes be very rude to strangers. So when it comes to workers in general, I have a general expectation to be treated with the respect and courtesy I deserve because I get enough of indifference and rudeness outside of that restaurant. Singapore doesn't have a tips system, so yes, you do get paid for what you work. So yes, I don't expect you to be treated better just because of tips or the lack thereof. There's no such thi
  2. Yeah, I know, but whether you intended to or not, what it would have eventually turned out to be would be an argument of conflicting opinions. Yes, it would be a "peaceful argument" where we share our different views civilly, but an argument nonetheless where I have to put in so much effort into defending my point of view, and that's just something I'm really not in the mood for right now (That huge chunk of text I wrote above? Didn't put any effort into it; just came off the top of my head). To sum up how I feel on this matter... let's see, a light-hearted video clip:
  3. Too lazy, don't care to argue about an anime I didn't even put in top favorites in the first place. I'll let you "win" this one if that's what you want. I really don't have any stakes in this. lol And to be honest, I haven't seen After Story for too long to remember the details anyway. What I said above (especially the part where I THINK there are anime that did the same thing as After Story) was really just a passing remark, not some serious declaration of fact, so don't need to take it so seriously. So let's just agree to disagree that we don't treat Clannad with the same level of respe
  4. Just a friendly reminder to those who have yet to vote: @Sekkarou @zin @zoop Just two and a half days (give or take) till the deadline. Hopefully, we could move the game along by this time.
  5. Kagura is my favorite. Aside from being the sporty tomboy of the group (my favorite kind of girl), she's just so energetic and lively. I also like that despite her rough and "shouty" exterior, she has a soft and cute inner-side. I remember when she thought she had hurt one of the other girls' feelings and she started sobbing in the corner. So cute. Actually, that sums up why I like tomboys in general... energetic exterior, soft inside. I also feel like Kagura doesn't get enough love. Most of the other girls get all the attention... <_< My other favorite is Minamo. There's
  6. Orius

    Anime Moment

    Okay, now that you mention it, I remember a few times when my classmates were making complete goofballs of themselves, and I would have one of those "straight man" moments in anime where I would act annoyed (for comedic effect though; I wasn't actually annoyed).
  7. Are you an alien, @Cy~? Sorry, but your fascination with them discovering anime just leads to... questions. I don't think Clannad ~After Story~ is timeless by the way, even though I like it a lot. I think there are many slice-of-life anime that came later and did better what Clannad did. "Overuse of tropes" is what the first season of Clannad was known for, after all, and After Story is hardly an anime that rise above that. If we are going to talk about anime teaching important life lessons that will never age, I'd say Mushishi and Kino's Journey would be far better (and criminally
  8. This goes back to the whole discussion of whether if anime has a distinct style you need to understand. But I think the two of you have covered most of the suitable anime for beginners. And I say beginners, because if you really want to get into what makes anime "anime", there can be so many other types that aren't the mainstream variety. Let me show you what I mean by listing a few of my recommendations for "must-watch" anime: - Serial Experiments Lain - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ghost in the Shell (1995 movie) - Paprika - Akira All of those anime contain complex themes th
  9. I have a few disagreements about that entitlement for workers (who are being paid to serve), but I don't want to argue. I'll say this much though: as a fellow human being who had to work my butt off to serve others, I don't think I should be given any special privileges just because I'm a human. I'm being paid for my work, and I'm not any more special a snowflake than the customer, who's forking out his money (and if you're in my position, you'll know the importance and value of money) to have a good meal. I have respect for people who are blunt. I may not really like them - hell, I would
  10. Seeing that most of my favorite anime make heavy use of mainstream tropes, I don't think I've really seen that many anime that are one of its kind and truly unique. And for those that are unique, they would often delve into mind-trip territory, making it way too frustrating to understand the story in the first place. It seems to be difficult for the anime industry to break away from the industry's machinations, largely because of the cultural influence this "moe" has. Then again, I could say pretty much the same thing about American cartoons and American superhero movies. It's culture, no
  11. Orius

    Visual Novel Talk

    Actually, there is one visual novel that was fully voiced and animated - School Days. Unfortunately, its story and setting might not be for everyone, since it's a harem romance with some really disturbing (and gory) bad ends. I love its game design though. It has massive story branches with over 20 endings, so the dialogue choices you make can lead to so many possibilities. Unfortunately, this kind of visual novel is incredibly difficult to make, so School Days is the only one of its kind - fully voice and animated while having such nonlinearity. And not to badmouth Telltale or anyth
  12. Orius

    Share Your Photos!

    Can't really say I'm the photographer type. lol If anything, I'm interesting in filming than photography, even if they do require similar techniques and skills (like the framing you mentioned). And to tell you the truth, I think I took those photos with a cheap camera phone... Can't really remember, but I hardly think that I had taken them on a DSLR, if you know what I mean.
  13. Omnipotence, or the power to shape reality as I see fit. Easiest superpower since it covers everything other superpowers can do. Raise the dead? Make humans immortal to begin with. Change the past? Alter the reality of the past. Run at the speed of life? Make myself fast as lightning or everyone else slow as a snail. Life's a breeze with omnipotence. If you find yourself about to tell a bad joke, would you go through with it and tell it anyway or refrain from embarrassing yourself?
  14. Toy Story 3 Directed by Lee Unkrich Released on June 12, 2010 Starring Tom Hanks as "Sheriff Woody", Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, and Ned Beatty as "Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear" Music by Randy Newman Why I Love It: It did the impossible: be an amazing triquel. "And as the years go by, our friendship will never die..." - Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me" ominously fading away into the background. At the start of the movie, the Toy Story theme song, "You've Got A Friend In Me" takes on a very different context. What was once a cheerful song about friendship lastin
  15. Orius

    Did you make that transparent Okabe avatar yourself? :P I appreciate it but, I like the colorfulness of the yellow background. lol I feel it makes Okabe stand out more.

    1. zoop


      Yah, though it just took a few clicks with the magic wand tool, and a tiny bit of editing. :D And yeah, I do actually rather like the yellow background!

    2. Cy~


      Zoop trims all of my avatars, preps my profile backgrounds, and is my all around image editing sorceress. Lmfao.

  16. Thanks. I appreciate that. It's not really the long form analysis that bothers me though (I even felt my Toy Story 2 analysis was incomplete), but the pacing of how many analysis I'm doing in such a short time span, which is why I feel that one movie analysis per week is much more practical. I'd have shorter analysis as I get down the list anyway, when I reach my favorite movies that I don't like as much. Actually, the best I can hope for is instant noodles... Not that I'm complaining though. I'm used to it.
  17. Yeah, I know. I always get over-ambitious when it comes to this stuff, always recklessly jumping ahead without considering the consequences.
  18. Kinda hungry, but mostly exhausted. Currently in the middle of writing my Toy Story 3 analysis after having rewatched the film. These long analysis are taking a toll on me. I love writing about these movies, but damn, it can get real exhausting. So I think I might shorten my analysis to maybe one movie per week.
  19. Orius

    Share Your Photos!

    Yeah, it was kinda a pain. lol I just happened to stumble on it immediately right after I rewatched Toy Story 2 last night, and I thought what the heck. Felt it was nice to share photos of my home and country with you guys.
  20. Haven't slept much lately due to all the forum posting. lol Glad I finally got to have a nice sleep today.

  21. A video on why Pixar works, and a reminder of the potential and depth animation can reach. I implore all fans of animation to watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTM-AdrIpaE
  22. Amazing video about the magic of editing exemplified through an amazing movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NezWUqPDwNA
  23. Toy Story 2 Directed by John Lasseter Released on November 24, 1999 Starring Tom Hanks as "Sheriff Woody" and Tim Allen as "Buzz Lightyear" Music by Randy Newman Why I Love It: It showed me that animation can deal with complex issues adults could relate with. "You never forget kids like Emily, or Andy... but they forget you." "You went to go see a comedy about toys. You ended up halfway through flashing back to sitting at your grandma's bedside as she passed away." —Drew Magary, on Toy Story 2 "At that moment you know that no one's thinking 'Well this is just
  24. Yeah, I think we should wait. I'm interested to hear the input of the others, even if I already know whom the Traitor is.
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