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  1. Definitely Nao Tomori from Charlotte
  2. So, what are you guy's opinions on Clannad? I think it was really good but really sad as well, the writers and animators for the anime are great at what they do, they make it just sad enough to the point where it's really entertaining. I think it's honestly one of the best anime out there.
  3. Well, 'Recovery of An MMO Junkie' is a pretty good anime, it's about this 30 year old who plays on MMOs all the time, I'm pretty sure the main character is considered an otaku. It's honestly really easy to relate to if you're an otaku or just introverted. (also the art style is pretty unique compared to other anime created in the same year as this anime, just thought that was interesting.)
  4. Fanservice can definitely work depending on how it's done. If there's just a little here and there I'd approve of it and I would totally watch it, but if there tends to be a lot of fanservice in an anime in my humble opinion it's probably just a poorly written anime with too much fanservice.
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