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  1. J4sm1n4

    What anime/s really resonate/resonated with you?

    Naruto. I was still a kid when i started watching it but it stuck with me till now. Its perfect. I understood not to underastimate people and dream big! Oh and it introduced me to one of my life passions YAOI!
  2. J4sm1n4

    Where do you watch your anime?

    I sit in my chair and use free sites to watch anime
  3. J4sm1n4

    What's your anime confession?

    I dont think Loli an anime genre... I think its morw Hentai genre or subgenre...
  4. J4sm1n4

    What's your anime confession?

    Well i dont think it was that bad either.
  5. J4sm1n4

    What is your least favourite anime?

    Charlotte. God it was sooo bad i dont know why i even finished it. Never wanna see that shit again....
  6. J4sm1n4

    How do you feel about weak protagonists?

    Honestly sakura never got better imo. She might have hotten stronger but was still stupid af. Same goes for Hinata she was a background character with no development at all.
  7. J4sm1n4

    How do you feel about weak protagonists?

    I usually like strong mcs. I mean i like the whole weak turning strong road but still i like them strong and anti heroey like.
  8. J4sm1n4

    How many animes have you watched already?

    648... thats what my mal says anyway...
  9. J4sm1n4

    What year or age did you start watching animes?

    seven or eight. My first anime was sailormoon!
  10. J4sm1n4

    Ethernet or Wifi?

    Ethernet all the way! Used to have wifi and watching anime was a pain in the ass. Never want to experience that again...
  11. J4sm1n4

    List your top 3 favorites!

    1. Hunter x Hunter 2. My hero academia 3. Mobile suit gundam iron blooded orphans
  12. J4sm1n4

    What's your anime confession?

    Thats true. I mean the still ongoing anime troupe where a girl hits a guy for no reason. In every anime the girl barges into a guys room and sees him either naked and hits him or with some other girl and hits him while being nothing to him. Whats the point in that? Comic relief? The characters i mentioned in a first post are just too bland for my taste. Cant stand that they are supposed to be "main". My taste in female characters is very unique.
  13. J4sm1n4

    What's your anime confession?

    I guess my confession would be that i hate alot of anime girls. For example: Ochako form bnha, Hinata and Sakura from Naruto, Misaka from Aot, Lenalee from D gray man, lucy from ft... and alot more...
  14. Havent rewatched anything in a long time. The only shows i have rewatched are Naruto and Code Geass.
  15. J4sm1n4

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    Set It Off - Why Worry
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