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  1. EnviousEnvy
    Just had a meeting at work last Thursday mainly on the updates of the Corona Virus and at that specific time only the schools had the potential to be affected. However, steadily it's been getting worse and worse and the U.S. Government is now creating more restrictions and bans making it extremely difficult for most people to even continue working. Apparently the Governor in my state changed our restrictions and bans 15 times within a few short hours today. So far it hasn't effected my job to where I won't be able to work but most of those around me are now without work because everything is closing down. Supposedly there aren't any plans with my job shutting down but honestly, who knows anymore?? Could be tonight, could be tomorrow or it could be next week. So far though we aren't shut down which is a good thing but like I said, now we are all waiting for the when.
  2. EnviousEnvy
    Once the lymph node in my neck decides to calm it's crap I'll officially be back to my healthy old self. The swelling appears to be going down since I don't have those painful episodes to where I feel like my eardrum is about to explode. The only time I really notice it now is whenever I tilt my head a certain way or lay down, then it wants to scream "Hey, I'm still here!!". Ugh, just go away already, will ya? Doctors told me that they can't do anything for it and all I can honestly do is sleep and take ibuprofen as well as a steady intake of water (Yuck, water??). It doesn't help that my dog and cat want to be a pain in the butt so I have to yell and chase them in order to prevent them from literally destroying the house while my fiance is away at work. I tried kenneling my dog while I sleep but quickly discovered he's an expert escape artist and literally nothing stops him **cries**; even as I type this I have to chase them down. I'm going nuts here, lol. I can tell you for sure that I cannot wait until this weekend because I have a full weekend off. Yes I said it, a full weekend off and guess what? I'm getting the hell out of my house and doing some shopping as well as getting away from work and the animals. Haha, take that you evil doers (And no, I didn't mean to literally call them evil but they are crazy which is driving me insane **exhales**). To be truthful though, I love all of my pets with everything in me and I wouldn't give them up for nothing. They've helped me get through the roughest of times and never let me down; more than any person has done. It doesn't mean however that they don't drive me up the wall occasionally, lol.
  3. EnviousEnvy
    I'm getting way ahead of myself I see. Still, I'm hyped up at the fact that as each day passes it's one day closer to Autumn. I can't stand Summer with its humidity and heat, so like a bad breakup I'm done with that season. Bring on the cool, crisp air and colorful leaves because this girl needs her hoody weather! Oh and let's not forget the most important (and my personal favorite) holiday known to man, Halloween. I'm ready to dust off my spooky movies while brewing some pumpkin spice coffee and sitting down under a warm throw blanket, waiting for trick or treaters to come by the house. 
  4. EnviousEnvy
    Having diarrhea on my day off is NOT what I call an epic adventure. Honestly, this is why I absolutely hate summer. I'm always sick and I'm constantly dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. This heat and risk of sunburn can kiss my butt. I miss autumn (it is my favorite season) and honestly, I can deal with winter too. 
    This summer has been extremely lame anyway. We haven't even had a decent thunderstorm yet and it's already fricking August. I mean, sure we have had some rain and a thunder or two but that's it. It's depressing as hell...
  5. EnviousEnvy
    Today I had to invest in a new journal because somebody decided (my lovable min pin, Bruno) to have my previous journal as a midnight snack the other night while I was out of the room. Oh well, I ended up with a better one (see picture below). I almost don't want to write in it, lol.
    Anyway, enough with the negativity for one day. I decided to sign up to become a presenter of a skin care & cosmetics company called Younique. Now, I'm not saying it's going to work out (with me having severe anxiety and confidence issues) but I will say I'll give it my best shot! Either way I'll end up with some bomb ass makeup. 

  6. EnviousEnvy
    Mother nature seriously needs to get back on her bipolar meds because it's beginning to give me whiplash.
    First we get crazy snowstorms this year up until May and now we are dealing with mudslides, road buckling, power outages, severe flooding, fires starting all because of this severe heat wave (which is why we have been having storms all week thus, the mudslides and flooding). I'm honestly surprised more people have not died from this, especially the elderly. I'm also surprised I haven't been hospitalized this year as of yet because of this heat and high humidity. I can handle the cold quite well (I should be able to since I'm from WI) but as for the heat, I sadly cannot. No matter how much water I consume I just can't stay hydrated during the summer and normally I end up in the hospital because of it. I'm definitely not looking forward to this summer, ew. 
  7. EnviousEnvy
    I normally don't post work related things, ever but I'm honestly getting rung out from this job. I love it, don't get me wrong however the deal was was that I get every other weekend off but now after 6 months of being there I haven't had a weekend off in over a month. I've just about had it and I'm so tempted to start putting in applications at various other places. 😒
    I don't have time with my husband anymore after this started because he works nights and has been putting in some major overtime. So during the day when I'm at work he's at home sleeping but then he's gone before I get home. We can't even get anything done because I'm at work every weekend... I've already said the reason I left my one job years ago was because of this very same reason and the manager understood. Now I'm having the issue here. Like I said, I love my job but it's like whatever I say now goes out the window and I just can't do it. I'm 25, my husband is going on 28 next month. We want to start a family but how can we when I'm constantly gone??
  8. EnviousEnvy
    I have such terrible eating habits it's not even funny. I miss being a size 3 (and now I'm a size 16, ouch) so I made a goal to work at getting back into shape and choosing healthier foods. My main problem is my snacking. If I'm at home or work all I want to do is snack, snack, snack and normally it's junk food like hostess brand crap and muffins. I'm gonna start telling myself, "nope. I don't need it". And if I do have a sweet tooth I'm gonna eat a piece of fruit instead (in moderation of course). 
    I'm determined to do this!
  9. EnviousEnvy
    I'm probably one of the most terrible procrastinators around. I have a planner that I jot things down in hoping to give me the jump on doing things; which it did, but only for a little while...
    One of the worst things I need to work on but all I do is keep putting off is losing weight. I honestly need to, I know I do even though my doctor hasn't ever brought it up to me. I've been seriously trying to get into exercising but I don't have the energy to do so and eating sucks too. I used to be under 100lbs in high school but now it all went down hill after that. I know this all a bunch of ramblings in one blog and my writing is probably atrocious tonight however I really don't care, at all. I needed to get this off my chest. 
  10. EnviousEnvy
    So about a week ago now I decided it would be a great idea to kick my husband's fan (accidentally if you couldn't guess). I went on with my day like nothing happened with the exception of being a little sore thus I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until I got home when I noticed just how discolored my toe was that I knew something was seriously wrong; I decided to bend it and the pain just suddenly shot up my toe and foot. I nearly cried from the extreme pain at that moment.
    Even though it's been awhile, wearing socks or shoes is still somewhat unbearable, especially when I have to work and every night I take at least 800mg worth of Ibuprofen before bed to take the edge off. It really, really sucks.

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