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  1. Pokemon Ultra Sun (2DSxl) Visited my pokepelago to forage berries and collect beans, don't have time to play properly today but waiting to beat the second island Kahuna. Anchorhead (PC web browser text adventure) Climbed through a window and retrieved my house key for about the fifth time because my work PC doesn't save my progress for some reason
  2. I think it might even be a lot more advanced than that by now. Given the realism and customisation of silicone sex dolls I'm pretty sure you could whip up any anime lady of your fantasy and have her lying on your bed staring at you with soulless eyes... twig is right, unless you're talking about a futuristic physical hologram type thing in which case dunno.. Doesn't seem plausible.
  3. I've been playing Pokemon on and off since the beginning and I thoroughly enjoy it. Newer generation Pokemon I will admit are very off-putting but I just recently got Ultra Sun and I quite like the game itself. I'll probably invest in a switch for the sole purpose of playing the next generation of Pokemon games, and I hear Donkey Kong is amazing! Will admit though, Kanto/Johto for life!
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of 13 Reasons Why, I actually watched it three times within the space of two weeks. Might have something to do with how I was feeling at the time, but I find myself not drawn to the new season at all somehow... And Riverdale, nah not my cup of tea, my gf at the time started watching it and after seeing partial episodes I found everyone annoyed me
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