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  1. i am watching the Kagerou Project adaptation. i recommend if you like vocaloid music, i dont really like them that much, ive been taken to vocaloid concert before but all it is is alot of sweaty guys trying to cop a feel. im also watching Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and The Classroom of The Elite. Also been watching the Uruk series lately.
  2. yeah but you dont live in the end.
  3. My father works with artists and authors to adapt their works effectively, kinda like editing the scenes to make them fit for television. He was previously a writer and editor, back when he worked with Ghibli.
  4. I can write messages on my own feed!


  5. poor boy... id dm you but i cannot as my daily message limit is set to 0. nvm ill dm you.
  6. I am from japan and you can see the picture of me in a cat girl costume if you drive your car straight into a wall very very fast!
  7. I am not a crossdresser? i am a girl who does not cosplay ever. especially as a catgirl. go ahead and dm me
  8. Absolutely not! Im not nearly artistic enough for that.
  9. Hi guys, I'm new here, I've never really joined a forum as i'm not a very social person. I've just moved the United States for an exchange program. i will be here for 6 months or so and i don't know if ill be able to talk much when i go back. So please be my friend while i am here. I've watched anime since i was a child with my father, he works at A-1 Pictures and has worked on things like Kiki's and Totoro. So ever since i was little I've been close to anime. I really like cute things and will often freak out at the site of adorable mascots and creatures. One embarrassing fact about me is that there is a picture of me somewhere on the internet wearing a cat maid outfit from a club activity in year 1. I want to invite everyone to come message me and start up a conversation! I want to meet some more people!. It took me so long to write this. Love, Ao
  10. Hello there! Welcome to the forums! :D I hope you'll like it here and please don't feel shy on joining the discussions! :)

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