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  1. Started a Challenge (almost nuzlock) for pokmon silver but with no p.c pokemon center or starter . at this point I only have a bellsprout and a beedrill but im hoping to get a slowpoke ,onix and/or snubble.
  2. At this point im at episode 4 of goblin slayer the first episode made me think that it was just another edgy fantasy with a lot of fan service ,but im kind of warming up to the show I would recommend it so far .
  3. I would go back to 1920s _ 30s Chicago ,and experience the Jazz era . also I would try to take over the mafia maby ?
  4. My first was sonic X I never was that big of a fan ,but a few years later It was on tv ,and I said "hey I wanna see more" then i was sucked into the void of what is known as anime . Soon I saw popular anime show like cory in the house, shreak 2 and Avatar the last air bender .
  5. Or I was going to go with a slowpoke + quick claw using curse , but I think Snubble would be good as well . Snubble would be a good choice because slowpoke is really unreliable in battle mainly because slowpoke has a base speed of 15 .
  6. Well I normaly use my starter untill the first gym were im able to find a early pokemon . Then once the frirst gym is over I get rid of my starter . if it faints I cant use it also no pc or pokemon center
  7. Im doing a no pokemon center nuzlock of silver ,and im not sure what pokemon I should look for first and ideas ?
  8. I feel like one punch man could have a really good second season . I found the story very fun ,and it kept me engaged . although at this point sadly ... I don't think there will be a season two
  9. I enjoy namimg my pokemon after people in my life who have recently died, it makes you feel a little bit better .

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