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  1. Sure, why not! Wanna go sky dive with me? lol
  2. I haven't, it's something I really should do I'm just worried I might end up breaking the bank when I do go
  3. Sky Wall, instead of Sky Fall, it's a story about a brick wall floating in the sky and no one can understand why
  4. Kazuto Kirigaya I've never actually cosplayed before, but it's something I'd like to do Have you ever cosplayed before?
  5. I'm glad I didn't start reading this thread before I went to sleep last night, lol
  6. If you were going to cosplay, which character would you choose?
  7. Tell them to not worry, I wasn't spooning some d00d, but the d00d got the wrong idea and wanted to be spooned, but I declined as I'm not like that, lol
  8. Clearly I don't know my explosives like you, how about you impress me?
  9. I'd point a nuke in their direction, smile and say I hope your happy with my gift
  10. I'm really enjoying this series so far, and I will probably pick the manga up once the anime has finished airing. For me, the series so far has changed my perspective on my health and I'm starting to think differently about my motivation about keeping fit.
  11. I had the same issue when I was only watching dubs, it was why I changed to subs instead, am I'm glad, because for me subs are better
  12. Feeling really good, despite the humidity
  13. Welcome to the community, @MercurianSummer We hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  14. I'm still truly shocked this happened, I'll go leave them a message. Thank you for the link @Seshi
  15. I'd grab them, and do a naruto run taking them to safety from the explosion that's about to irrupt
  16. Sounds a bit messy, but sure why not, then I'll setup a pie throwing contest, lmao
  17. Ask them what they'd like to do first, or would they prefer if I was spontaneous, lmao
  18. Trip up and getting caught by them, freaking out wondering what they will do to me...
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