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  1. Yeah, I'm Chinese. I don't think it is happening because I like anime though, it is more like me being antisocial and shy when talking to people. I'm not exactly the guy who get along with people easily.
  2. Hi to you my new friend👻

    1. Harrylam129


      Thank you! I appreciate it a lot more than you think I do :) 

    2. Nova


      Your welcome,since your younger than me you will be my lil bro hugs you.

  3. True, maybe I've just been finding excuses for myself so I can stay in this hole... thanks anyways
  4. I'm currently in my 2nd year of A Levels. I'm from Hong Kong originally, but I'm studying in the UK. True, but I just feel like having a friend who I can hang out/fool around with will be so much more fun... The things that I can do alone while still having fun are limited. Sure, I can create memories by myself, but I don't know if anyone can actually have as much fun alone than they do with a group of friends. Or maybe it's just me, maybe I should stop being dependent on others. I guess it just got lonely after a while...
  5. Feel like everyone is awkward no matter what they think of themselves though. After all, we interact with strangers everyday.
  6. A close friend is good enough. Humans are simple, sometimes that's all it takes to make someone happy.
  7. Harrylam129


    For me it's about half gaming and half anime since 2 months ago. (lol) Before I started watching anime it's probably 90% gaming. Now yours seem quite fun and opposite of #NoLife doesn't it haha
  8. Having no one to spend time with. There. That's the worst thing that can happen and I will do nothing because I can do nothing about it.
  9. It happens everyday to me, guess that's what I get for being an awkward and antisocial person.
  10. I feel kind of sad right now... I go to a boarding school overseas and I don't have friends. I don't have time to meet new people outside of school (and I don't know how to). Started watching anime 2 months ago and all I do now is play video games and watch anime. Never felt like such a lifeless loser until recently, I miss the old days when I actually woke up wanting to see someone/do something. (sorry for ranting)
  11. Hey! I'm new to this forum too, looking forward to seeing you on here in the future
  12. Ahahah I'm not an adult yet, but so far it's been great for me. Just slowly trying to find what I like to watch, I do find it hard to look for anime that I'm interested in though ._. Hello! I quite like romance anime, but I haven't seen any of the recent ones. I've heard of Fruits Basket but didn't really have time to watch it, I'll probably watch it soon in the future! Thanks Thank you! Good to hear Cheers! I'll probably watch Fruits Basket very soon, thanks for your recommendation! I've been watching some of the older anime most of the time so I don't really know about the recent airing ones haha
  13. Discord. Anime with open ending or not?

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