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  1. Localization happens. Pokemon Rice Balls changing to Jelly Donuts for America for no reason. Coffee is associated with America so it was probably a localization that the image said coffee, but they just did a literal translation from the source so they still said tea, that'd be my guess anyway.
  2. I played Snake within a demo of the upcoming horror game Blair Witch because honestly it was more interesting than the actual game to me, so won't be getting that one unless the full release shows me something that they didn't have in the early demo.
  3. Actually Marines are a part of the US Navy, it hasn't always been that way, but they are now. Marine is the french word for sea and was a general term used by the English to describe any troop that had to arrive via sea in the French military. Despite the perceived separation of the branch by the public the Marines have been a part of the US Navy for 185 years. Prior to 1834 they were an independent service and the original proposition was to include them as part of the Army, but commandant at the time (Archibald Henderson) swayed Congress from that idea and they were included as a technical branch off the Navy, but they maintained the distinction within the department being regarded as sister services than a fully unified branch of military. Long story short Marines are Navy, but more so in a technical sense and they maintain separation that most regard them as separate branches entirely including those that serve in them. As for the game and being annoyed with it, it all depends on which country of origination they're from America is weird about the distinction a lot of other countries not so much. The Royal Navy includes the Royal Marines for Britland and they're not weird about keeping it as a distinction for example.
  4. There's a lot of Dragonball Z games where power levels are clearly defined, but that doesn't stop them from being a thing. - Game looks woefully generic to me, banking on licensing to sell the game but will ultimately be forgettable and not worth the time of anybody that isn't a fan of the series. (Like a lot of the aformentioned Dragonball Z games) Even it's hook isn't entirely unique, the idea of fighting over-powered opponents isn't really anything new in a fighting game either.
  5. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Something about it I just absolutely loathe despite liking the series overall. The gameplay doesn't feel the same as the previous games even though there really wasn't any big changes it feels less tuned like playing an old early gen shooter. The humor is dry and they're trying hard with a lot of jokes that are localized to Australia which may or may not be funny there. Certain mechanics are simply annoying adding nothing to the actual game. Like all Borderlands the scaling is poor towards end game only giving the illusion of customization of load-outs and their number of gun combinations is a major point they try to use to sell the game and it boils down to that quite frankly you have about 5 or 6 guns to choose from unless you want to intentionally handicap yourself by using inferior gear some gear that is so bad that it renders the game unplayable (at higher levels). The fact of the matter is counting a gun as a separate gun simply because a part is different is just a cheap way to inflate the numbers and if other games did the same they'd be able to claim a large number of gun varieties as well, but they don't because they're not actually different guns just slightly better stats on the same basic gun. Heck even Call of Duty has thousands of combinations of guns and they're not a loot driven game. I also don't like Gearbox, so that adds to the apathy towards poor games from them. I wanted to finish it before Borderlands 3 came out, but I'll likely just end up not and pretending it doesn't exist instead and focus on Borderlands and Borderlands 2 even with their flaws.
  6. The emails saying somebody was trying to log into your email address are actually emails that are trying to get your information by having you change it after clicking on those emails. Anything you didn't order that comes to you you can keep at least in America by the Federal Trade Commission that prohibits mailing un-ordered merchandise to customer. If they shouldn't have your billing information and you didn't order it you're free and clear, a lot of sites can get your information and use it to scare folks into giving out more info, heck these days Google is basically spyware. Google sells location data to other other companies and has the legal right to read your messages that were delivered through their services, just nothing you can really do about your information getting out there these days even a company can screw up and screw you over if you take every possible precaution that the leak doesn't come from your end it can still be leaked from their end. If you start getting billed for something you're going to have to take it up as a fraud case regardless of what you do now anyway, but you run the risk of exposing yourself more by reacting out of panic.
  7. Sent a request for Seshi to sticky the ID thread, we gamers must unite before we are completely forgotten to the anime giants...y'know all two of us apparently.

  8. Xbox - Dwlr PSN - None currently the last time the network was hacked got locked out of my Gamertag and Sony couldn't help it be recovered so I have to make a new one and haven't yet. Nintendo - On request (varies depending on where I am at the time)
  9. Request from a shoppe on another site, figured I'd dump it hear as a +1 example.
  10. Think my time here is drawing to a close. Kind of out of topics to post in and September is just around the corner which means so big name games releasing. :/

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    2. Seshi
    3. awesomedude20


      The way this notified me, it made it seem like Seshi was leaving and I started to panic.

      NOT THAT YOU'RE LESS IMPORTANT, still sad to see a member leave, it's very true that the forum is a tad dead right now. We're working on it, basically ;D

      If you are heading out, well, do check back sometime, and uhh...


    4. Vitis


      I'm most assuredly less important, just some guy that showed up and stayed for a bit though I'm not quite gone yet, come September I probably will be unless there's something that piques my interest to return for like more gamers coming around, shoppe picks up, maybe a SoTW basically something forum based that isn't anime related.XD I might try to get a Code Vein discussion going when it gets closer it's anime-esque. Even when I'm effectively gone I tend to return like a bad penny or check for notifications every so often, really wasn't expecting any kind of response or I would have been more specific in the initial post.

  11. There now I have an anime themed signature earning myself +1 to camouflage.

  12. Dug up some examples that still existed on my out of use image hosting sites just to add to the thread to hopefully get it going a bit initially. C4D formed background typically the most requested style. Smudge formed background with C4D accents. Simple merger of two images, extremely popular during my brief stint on a forum centered around a sort of tactical card game (I don't think you can play it anymore) as people wanted to use cards as their signatures but the cards weren't of the proper size and shape and often cut off on one or more sides. The voil (the bat character) is one images and the background is a free use photo of a dessert recolored to match the color scheme of the voil.
  13. Well additional footage of Borderlands 3 has officially turned me off Fl4k, it appears Borderlands hasn't figured out it's scaling issues still for their fourth game. Player objects are easily killed even mid-level unless the footage they're releasing isn't indicative of scaling which considering how close it is to release I doubt there will be a rehaul before release and the damage for Action Skills and player objects is likewise poorly scaled making it yet another installment of your action skill only be used for the utility effects even the skills that are meant to deal damage since weapon damage vastly outclasses anything they can pull off. Zane has some hope with his holo-clone at least on the damage end as it duplicates his equipped weapon including the damage, it's the base version since unless otherwise specified the Clone doesn't get perks from Zane's other skills (there are a few that apply to the clone as well however), but the caveat is that Zane's Clone is still a player object and subject to being easily melted should it draw even slight fire in combat. The AI does largely ignore Fl4k's pets so there is a chance that Zane's Clone will deal some okay damage before being easily killed, but since it doesn't move at all if it draws aggro it dies even faster than Fl4k's pets. Zane's Barrier ability can be used in conjunction as there is an evolution to grant his Barrier his Shield's effects however it won't be possible until there are more points available and simply having the Shield in deployable form will still be weak as survivability largely comes through regenerative abilities and simply avoiding damage the Barrier like the Clone won't move and will die fairly quickly conferring only slight benefits. Despite all of Zane's action skills being potentially kill-able player objects the fact that he can use his action skill to trigger all his Kill Skills still gives him utility, but it is a higher tier build down his Sentinel tree which will render his Holo-clone dealing non-weapon scaled damage and being forgettable, the warp effect can still be of use if the clone is deployed in a safe location and you can hit Old-U and use it as a free revive. Moze seems to get the worst end of it not only does her Action Skill have it's own HP in effect being a player object it doesn't allow you to use weapon scaled damage coming with it's own attached weapons, with little or no utility to speak of Moze's action skill in the higher levels I predict will be next to useless on both Offense and Defense. Exploitable builds that elevate damage to extreme levels are already a thing so expect bullet sponging bosses that require you to use specific builds or weapons to deal significant damage to them and these setups will render standard play virtually unusable like they are in the previous installments where you can literally spend hours trying to kill an invincible, spend every single bullet you own and not put a dent into them unless you're using a pre-defined cheese build which can turn that bullet sponging slog into a fight that is not only incredibly easy, but lasts a mere few minutes tops.

  14. Started playing Raid Shadow Legends for IoS as a time killer.
  15. Years and years ago partly a product of boredom and partly a requirement for the mandatory art class for the requisite Valentine's Day assignment I went with something anime. It's not the last thing technically but I don't have the sketch book, threw it out immediately when I was done with it, but this would be the last thing that was finished in it since for the assignment it was simply line art I shaded it during my other classes whilst not paying attention. I was kind of a horrible student, rarely paid attention I was either sleeping or retouching old art assignments like this one.
  16. Spent a couple hours going through old long dead forums, old accounts, etc now I not only feel old, I'm a bit depressed. I miss how things used to be, people I used to know, conversations I once had. These days forums are mostly a relic of a bygone age and I've lost touch with every single person from every single one of those old accounts. Now that history is simply out of context conversation, broken links and broken images. Haven't even left the house in years and old friends have long since moved on most notably almost 10 years of gaming with one and now not a so much as an idle pleasantries exchanged with them. Time does indeed degrade all things I suppose.

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    2. Vitis


      It's less that i put time into them and more that they're not around anymore or if they are they're relatively slow. They were a good way to kill time and stay in touch, though in terms of the latter I only ever had a single friend irl which the school system kept us separate because politics or maybe an incident that resulted in a broken arm, but it was probably political. She lives with me now, but it's not the same and our schedules don't really align, she works I don't, she sleeps at night, I sleep during the day so the actually interaction is somewhat limited and it's those times when there's nothing going on even if it's just fleeting that you miss the good ol' days and the other people you used to know.

    3. Seshi


      That almost sounds like a real life version of a romance anime. XD

    4. Vitis


      Does it? I'd imagine you could draw connections with most people's live to a number of anime. Art mimics life as they seem to say, but one hitch with it being a romance is our relationship is platonic.

  17. I'm bored and have some free time so my shoppe is officially open. It's a bit of a read, but it's mostly dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's and can be skimmed for the most part.

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