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  1. Demon Slayer, Fire Force, and Sword Art Online as for the newer anime that you might enjoy. Older than those maybe Steins Gate, Wolf's Rain or Future Diary.... these are just a few to look at and if you want anymore ideas i have lots of anime and years as a fan so i might be able to assist more if needed.
  2. Demon Slayer, Fire Force, Dr. Stone, or High score Girl...... any of these are great and new within the last year or so.
  3. i could reply but it is your thing you think whatever i not a forcer of y beliefs so no problem
  4. the best series i know of has been the Ghost in the Shell series and movies but the series is what you wanna know about, its been my favorite anime since i was 16 and the original hit theaters
  5. well i watched the Ghost in the Shell individual 11 series last night, then the2nd season of MS Gundam00, Howl's Moving Castle, X-Men, Apocalypse, Samurai Champloo, and the Illusionist with Edward Norton. thats the last 2 days anything beyond that is goin to be rediculous in scope.
  6. have you gotten those pics?

  7. taking break from scientific

  8. i knew that i enjoyed your outlook and grasp on the characters that are more than just a kid with a sword.
  9. what up? i thought i would check in and see how its goin, i have been in Berkeley, CA attending a quantum sciences conference so i have been out of touch for a while. you doin well or what?

    1. Xyro


      im doing fine. just working hard and dealing with a few things. I hope you had a good time ^w^

  10. the character of L is a dynamic and sophisticated variation on the classic detective and is brilliant to match the evil of not only Light but the power of the death note.
  11. hey im not really pissed but i didnt know if you were havin a laugh while i was doin the best i could to be forth right and not really hurtfull, sorry Xyro Donatus my fault

  12. its cool im still here and i am unclear if this is funny qnd im laughed at or you are popular at 5in the am?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. aries0179


      thanks for the heads up i didnt know the time were he is, thanks Kirry

    3. Xyro


      I'm 5 hours ahead of you XD

    4. aries0179


      thanks for takin the time to assist me its nice to talk to another person that was cool.

  13. still busy or more freetime cause everyone else went to sleep so im bored. i forgot that i Wrote that so im sorry i didnt mean it. will you talk to me since i am a jerk for the remark?

    1. Xyro


      I went to bed, sorry XD

  14. i agree with you about the opinionated realm of internet sites and the discusions around them so dont sweat it. ieveryone has knowledge and experience thats different from others so what you know and are sure of may be totally off to others like the kids o anime that i run into, screaming that some show called Naruto is the best ever no matter what and even though i watched it when it started years ago and its still on so it cant be even the ok show it used to be for like 2 seasons. and they are like 13-16 no offense but they are so that makes them right about anything cause they dont realize
  15. how do i send pics to you?

    1. Xyro


      im not exactly sure :P I dont normally send pictures on AF. sorry

    2. Xyro


      if you have skype, you could send them to me there ^w^

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