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  1. Thankyou so much, I'm very glad you like it. XD Thankyou for the support!
  2. I'm interested in the topic. I'm sorry for the low quality. I tried.
  3. I think they'll have to remark the hand, too. XD
  4. If it's anything weirder than weird, It's Gakuen Handsome. And yes it's an anime and yes I watched 2 episodes of it until I gave up. I just. Don't understand why they made this. It's. Just. Like. Look at the dude's chin. You can kill someone with it. And the opening and endings are just like a great troll or a very bored project by the studio. (The anime's duration is only up to... 5 minutes? It's been 3 years and I'm not touching that ever again.)
  5. Hey, We're all in the same interest circle so why not. Hahaha. Wow, That sounds great. I've always been interested in cultural history. Tribes and Buildings, Tradition all that stuffs. Like, Sometimes you really need to look back to see if something really matters and it is worth it to do so with History. Feels like adventure, you know.
  6. Roger doger. Haha. I'll work hard so it's worth posting. History Rocks!
  7. It's from the Video game. There isn't an anime of it (yet) It'll be super awesome if they have it though. And for now they're only on 9. 30 would probably happen 100 years later. XD By then I wouldn't know what they'll add in it since 9th is already very compromising.
  8. I'm pretty passionate about art and games. Also upcoming anime(s) (Duh) But if it's about something more specific then I'd say Astronomy and Archeological stuffs. There's just always something very soothing and interesting about them. Like how big is this universe and how you don't have the knowledge of it. And curiosity will just get you hyped up. Not only that It's also very beautiful. It's something you can't find anywhere else unless you look up. As for Archeology, The secrets of this earth yet to be unsolved, Doesn't it make everything super interesting? (At least it does for me) Like how many tribes were there, What kind of Culture they had, What belief they took themselves into, What magical things that they witnessed, What sort of World was it back then. I think if there's some other thing I'm passionate about then it's Art. I like drawing. That's just pretty much it. I find it relaxing enough to put me out of stress. Even though sometimes it can be source of stress when you hit artblock. (Sorry I guess I'm a little too talktive because of the quarantine)
  9. Secret language sounds great. I mean you can always find a hiding spot. Would you rather be a professional artist but not smart or A genius with no sense of art?
  10. Currently going on with the Study Case of Vanitas by Mochizuki Jun-Sensei. And what can I say. She's very good at plot twists and her art is very wonderful. But that's just my personal opinion. Feel free to check it though. You won't regret it. Try Mushihime, It's a little short but it might worth spending time on. It's a little disturbing though. Can also try reading Pandora Hearts. Both of them are completed series.
  11. Hello, Thankyou. It's from Dynasty Warriors.
  12. Hello, I think I may be needing some help finding this anime. It's in the back of my head but I can't remember anything other than : the main character is a young boy, His parents are some kind of eyeballs and his city was somehow in a state of... Post destruction? It's something like that.
  13. So, I joined recently and I hope to meet some nice people with the same interest. Looking forward to what'll happen soon.
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