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  1. Livan Goh

    Creating an AMV

    I think what's most important would be the theme/story you want your mv to convey. Like for example if it's about friendship, then all your shots chosen would be based on that. Your song choice and how you cut or time your shots would all be according to the mood and story you want your audience to experience. Next, the good thing about music videos is that it doesn't have to make sense 100% of the time. So it's good to experiment what works and what doesn't even if it's not exactly logical.
  2. @drill haha good luck!!! The longest I've ever gotten was like 22k of words for my story. Can't imagine writing a 50k word novel lol.
  3. I get sleepy too sometimes when I drink coffee. It's like the caffeine takes away the feeling of being unable to wake up and replaces it with a clear feeling that it needs to go to sleep now haha. Anyways I think my fav coffee would be a caramel frappuccino.
  4. Let me know when you need assistance with that blog project we were discussing earlier. ^_^

  5. Groupons are awesome, went to Bintan for holiday two years ago with a couple of uni friends thanks to it. Sent from my C6903 using AN Community Forums mobile app
  6. Milk Tea with Honeydew syrup and optional pearls is always a good choice for me haha Sent from my C6903 using AN Community Forums mobile app
  7. *poke* Howdy Livan!

  8. Tomorrow Sent from my C6903 using AN Community Forums mobile app
  9. Heyoooo!!! Also testing hahah Sent from my C6903 using AN Community Forums mobile app
  10. Livan Goh

    Kingdom Hearts

    Played all of them except the most recent, dream drop distance I think haha. Love the series mostly for it's sad stories haha. The combat system is pretty fun too. And oh The World Ends With You as amazing as it was, I'm not sure if I want a sequel unless it involves a whole new set of characters for a brand new story.
  11. PSYCHO PASS BABY! haha I'm like watching it under the pretext of getting ideas for a visual effects fyp project. It's like being introduce to the different technologies and seeing if anything sparks off an idea in me.
  12. Haha Fab the army might take you overseas too so you'll get your chance lol. For me I've been to Taiwan and Australia because of the army. For holidays there's, Beijing, Bintan and Malacca. =) Linds! You've practically explored all of Europe! Lol
  13. Haha that'll be cool, I saw the video of it and man I just want one to guard my room lol
  14. Haha maybe they just think that young kids have short attention spans. I still remember my younger bro not liking Gundam 00 because there was too much talking lol.

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