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  1. no longer see a reason to be active.

    1. RyePotatoes


      How so? You don't like anime anymore?

  2. I've learnt that around some fans you never call Anime a cartoon and when your a kid the term anime means nothing. hence why i don't include them
  3. not including things like Transformers and Pokemon (since as a kid I just referred to them as cartoons) my first true anime was Ghost in the Shell.
  4. TV via DVD's. never been into downloading stuff. I like having physical copies of things.
  5. Neon Genesis Evangelion...especially the last two episodes and the long periods of nothing happening where I thought my DVD player died
  6. Len, Len and then Len. With Len coming pretty close but I do also like Rin and Miku also could someone kindly email me a copy of that opening picture/artwork, I'd really appreciate it since I have to use public computers. Valentinegames@Hotmail.com thank you all
  7. Hi all. I was just wondering what other hobbies you guys and gals might have? Me I have been model making and wargaming since I was 6yrs old (so 22 years now). my preferred area of interest for models is WWII german armour. for wargaming I prefer historicals but I've done my fair share of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, including Games Workshop, but in all I've played easily over 30-40 rule systems. I also enjoy reading about Military history, especially WWII and Napoleonics. what about everyone else?
  8. Hi guys, gals, nekos, androids and various other carbon and none carbon based life forms. I was wondering how Anime/Manga is to YOU? For me it has been very important even with all the stigma that us fans get labelled with. I've never grown up with friends or a loving supportive family. I was and still am I guess bullied my whole life. I suffer allot from depression, anxiety, self harm and have tried to commit suicide 3 times. But with Anime I do have friends, I know they aren't real, but my heart doesn't feel that way. If ever I feel down I can use my over active imagination to talk to these characters that have curled up in my heart and feel warmth, happiness and company. does anyone understand what I mean, or am I just insane?
  9. Slow to reply, please be patient.

  10. well...I didn't want to be greedy...but if you insist.
  11. how am I supposed to pick? Triela Rico Erica Hartmann Schrodinger and many many many more
  12. Thank you all, sorry it takes so much time to respond. Hopefully I'll be more active soon-ish-maybe
  13. One day I will want one...or 2...maybe more, I dunno, too many characters to choose from that I like.
  14. Hello all. My name is James and I've only recently moved to Sandbach in Cheshire after an unfortunate 2 years homeless (resulting in all my Anime going :'( ) and I'm now trying to get back on my feet. I've loved Anime since...I think about 13-ish (now 28) when I caught Ghost in the Shell and some Studio Ghibli films on TV. then my first ever Anime purchase was Gunslinger Girl. My favourites were Strike Witches (yay Erica Hartmann) and Girls und Panzer. they combine my love for WWII and Anime, so perfect for me. I also used to listen to allot of Vocaloid and LOVE Len Kagamine...my secret hehe. if anyone ever fancies chatting or perhaps you know anywhere in Cheshire or near I can get my fix please do tell or even E-mail me, I don't mind. ValentineGames@Hotmail.com I use Library computers so I might be slow. byebye
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