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  1. Ayy wassup? I'm Tobi, and welcome to AnimeForums. Hope you have a nice time here
  2. Finally have the energy to work on the satire newspaper and a bunch of other hobbies I'd been putting on hold for months. Hopefully, all goes good!

  3. EWR-47


    Lol, I actually had your character as a pfp on Discord in two different poses, seems like the go to waifu for many xD.
  4. EWR-47


    Lol, yeah. Still new to this whole forum thing tho. Been messaging some ppl to get to know them better, but idk if there's a way of making sure if my messages have even gone to the right person
  5. I'd taken a 3 yr break from reading books but have only recently started to get back into it again. Finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, it was an excellent read. Anyone has any further recommendations? Preferably fiction, though I wouldn't mind non-fiction if it's anything like Sapiens, which was also a book I remember reading
  6. Air Traffic - Owl City. Actually, the whole album. https://open.spotify.com/album/0mZ8PENtmtSVsnQLC0evik?si=41SBFcSYSeS8tBJBGb-QkQ Yo I absolutely love this one. Feel free to share more!
  7. EWR-47


    Absolutely! To be fair, my first ever Facebook Messenger account had a profile picture of Lucy just coz I fricking loved her (changed it to Natsu later coz it felt weird lol). And waifu wars in Fairy Tail are gonna be fatal, coz really, almost all of the girls there are gorgeous. Cana Alberona's my second, and I'll prolly place Lucy at third in terms of waifus in Fairy Tail. Feel free to send me a message if you wanna talk more!
  8. As far as Reiner is concerned, I DEFINITELY agree. He's been through enough, and mf needs a break. As for the part in the spoilers tag, you brought to light a perspective I'd genuinely never have considered. Also, Jean's another character I'm rooting for. He's the most realistic and relatable character in the series imo. No genetic advantage, excellent character development, and general human empathy. Love this dude to the core
  9. EWR-47


    Ofc I know what it is, it's a frickin classic. My first ever waifus come from Fairy Tail, been a huge fan of the ships since 2016-2017 iirc. My search list from back then must've been filled with answers to questions about NaLu and Jerza in Quora! These memories take me back to quite an innocent time of my life hahah
  10. EWR-47


    Your waifu's already won me over, I fuckin love Lucy Heartfilia, better waifu than Erza, personally speaking. Though no one tops Juvia Lockser for me personally
  11. I mean, sure, we can leave the discussion of what's good and bad for another day. However, I'm curious to know why
  12. My name's Tobi, I found this forum through an album of Shinya Kogami (PsychoPass) made by Optic, the founder of this place. Nice to meet you guys! (still quite new to the whole idea of a forum hahah)
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