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  1. Man. I wish I get paid to do absolutely random fun stuff. That looks impressive tho, ngl.
  2. I do, I have to admit. I don't really get offended by the phrase, no, because, to them, they have no other way to describe it. Anime isn't even a real world, we just adopted it as a community. I just get ticked off by the idea of "what do they get for saying that"? If I'm getting emotional about a series, or anything for that matter, there is literally no scenario where that is going to calm me down. It's the same as "it's just a boy/girl" when you're heartbroken. One doesn't get heartbroken by people in general. They are heartbroken sepecifcally of this one person. The "it's just <insert w
  3. I do crave reading a high fantasy that revolves around political conflict. Something like Lord of the Rings in terms of its fantasy elements but the story is more or less a civil war. Basically any Final Fantasy title or a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The ones I randomly pick from any store is often, if not always, a fantasy adventure of a 'hero of prophesy' or a normal child dipped into a fantasy world a la Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz.
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    Extreme setting creates new gameplay hahaha. But honestly though, was that really Valheim? I don't remember it looking that good from the Youtube videos I've watched..
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