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  1. My first anime that i ever watched was pokemon on tv alongside bakugan and beyblade but the first anime that i watched and sat there and enjoyed every episode and knew the storyline and stuff was sao!
  2. From the trailer it looks pretty good. seems like a lot of action! So i'm pretty hyped for it!!
  3. Cozzie

    Forums vs Chats

    Overall i prefer to use forums just because i like the way they work and stuff and its all organised. Don't really like chats due to things such as spam and having multiple conversations in the one chat.
  4. My fav anime theme song would have to be the attack on titan opening song. It's just sooo good
  5. I usually use norton 360 but these days i don't and i just don't download anything dodgy haha
  6. Cozzie

    Proxy / VPN

    If i want to protect my real location and stuff like that on certain websites i use a vpn from like germany or something but mainly i use vpns for accessing websites like american netflix since i'm australian.
  7. Mine was pokemon diamond back in 07 that got me hooked on video games i played racing games such as gran turismo and stuff before that but i wasn't addicted to games like i am these days haha
  8. Personally full metal alchemist came to an end quite quickly but i think fairy tale after 8 or so seasons ended quite weirdly like there is gonna be another season but i haven't heard of a new season so
  9. I personally prefer tv's but if i have to i will watch it on a pc
  10. Hey everyone my name is Costa but online i go by the name of 'Cozzie'. I have been watching anime now for about a year and a bit. I enjoy all action animes and stuff like that. I have watched attack on titan, sword art online and fairy tale so far and hopefully gonna watch some more! Hopefully my time on the forums are fun and i get to meet heaps of new people - Cozzie
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