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  1. I won't judge if someone appreciates the female form, I do myself but as a whole I rather enjoy a good story or depth of character development in anime.
  2. Thanks Wodahs, I appreciate the post. Yours are the type of post that I enjoy reading, those that are thoughtful and that relate to the subject matter with a personal touch. I can relate to your experiences shared here, in my younger years I relished the prospect of camps and other organized outings for the sole purpose of escaping the place that I lived to get away from family and the obligations held within. I hope to contribute as thoughtfully as I can and contribute to the forum in a meaningful way. See you around.
  3. I think the main thing that turns me off of series is the stagnation of subject matter. Many can claim that I have seen a LOT of anime in my time if they browse my viewed collection. I was mildly surprised that information is still out there as I recovered my Anime-Planet account recently and everything was there. I've still got to update it to cover the last five years or so but I'll digress now and get back on point. There are a lot of series out there that are knockoffs of other series that utilize tropes that are entirely ubiquitous to no interesting effect. I am entirely in
  4. I don't know about GTO's romance aspect myself, of course I only got through the first 4-6 eps and there was only flirting for the most part and it was from some jailbait from what I remember. What I do remember clearly was much subversion and badassery to establish rapport. I can recommend GTO if you like the yakuza/delinquent genre entries such as Cromartie High School, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or Gokusen.
  5. Sadly, I will need to get my financial life in order before I pick up console gaming again but that should be sometime soon as I just got word that I got a decent job offer (after five years searching, finally!). For the most part I'll be playing catch-up since the last five years has seen the birth of the current console generation and I haven't had the chance to be a part. If anyone wants to play some casual Mario Kart 8, Overwatch, Super Smash or Splatoon after I get the system/games I'll definitely be up for that. As for what I'm looking forward to, definitely Zelda as I've been a f
  6. Right now I'm only following two series, though would like to follow more. Those are KonoSuba and Fuuka. I would like to see more of Seven Deadly Sins however the holdover time for Netflix kind of sucks... As for anime outside of Japanese influence, I've been following Steven Universe and Rick and Morty.
  7. tough answer here, they all have their good points. My favorite is a relative newcomer, Aoki Lapis. Second is Meiko, then Luka, IA, and Gumi.
  8. There is a decent variety in the romance genre, it really depends on what you want which you will find enjoyable. Note that some of these are rather obscure so take these as just a few pointers and quality is all over the place. If you want some action with somewhat a romance theme then Elemental Gelade or Tokyo Underground is worth checking out. For a more surreal or just out of normal slice-of-life, you could go with Kyoukai no Kanata, Midori Days, Shuffle, Trouble Chocolate, Air or My Bride is a Mermaid just to name a few. If you want more normal slice-of-life then Da Capo, Nis
  9. Yes, I enjoy the flowers as well, I can do a decently realistic looking rose. One of my favorites was lilies.
  10. Sorry, can't pick just one here. There's three that come in to play for me: Vash the Stampede (Trigun), Killua Zoldyck (HunterxHunter), the main "character" of Sawamura Seiji/Kasugano Midori (Midori Days) Can not deny the hilarity of Trigun and the hijinx surrounding Vash. Killua is a deep character and one of the most enjoyable to watch in recent years IMO due to the family dynamic, gray area of the character's back story and the fact that he's still a kid and wants to enjoy his youth. Since getting in to anime I've found Midori Days an easy series to go back to for a quick laugh
  11. In Japanese anime it is understandable because of the cultural aspect of it and the satire is pretty much all that the anime plays on there. I've met a few Japanese people and they have fond memories of onsen so I can see why it would be a popular element in Japanese television/movies.
  12. burnt out, that kind of sucks but hey, hopefully you found something else to be motivated for. Interests wax and wane all the time, I used to do a lot of origami stuff but not so much recently.
  13. I remember the first time I was on an actual rock face (not in a gym or some other climbing wall) once I was at the top and needed to belay down that first tug once I was being supported by my climb partner was frightening. I can dig a good hike, one of my favorites was when I was about 12 and my boy scout troop did a hike along the coast at Salem, OR around where the Goonies was filmed. I find sliced/chopped cabbage or some mixed veggies to be a nice substitute for rice depending on the dish, you may like experimenting there. I imagine a decent amount of traditional Japanese di
  14. I admit that both have their strong suits, in the first I found the character interactions and plot points to be great though the ending was a little disjointed. I don't think Brotherhood does Mustang, Hughes and Marcoh justice and for those points I still think the first is great. Brotherhood does have a really strong story in comparison and the conclusion is spot on with everything tied up nicely. The fact that brotherhood was so much darker is both good and bad and makes it kind of a conditional watch for me on subsequent revisits. End verdict, love them both.
  15. I'll speak of both the first anime that I saw and the first that I cared about: First seen: Speed Racer, remember seeing it a few times on saturday mornings before things like Beakman's World and Bump in the Night (yay, I feel dated now) First cared for: Big O, toonami was a big influence on my anime fandom before I even realized it, great stuff on that TV block.
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