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  1. yea i wil have a look at it idek lol i just remember that
  2. omg thank you i couldnt remember anything about it and didnt think i was gonna get a reply because of how vague the description was but thank you
  3. so a while ago i watched an anime and not gonna lie i dont remember anything about it other than this one part. so either the main character, or a side character i dont remember, was really into coding and joined either a club or a school for elite coding but he was different from everyone because he did it manually and the norm of this anime was to do it semi-automatically. the other people in this elite club/school didnt like this character because of the way he codes and that they are younger than everyone. sorry if its not much help but this is what i remember from this anime and i would like to watch it again. thanks
  4. thank the ending was really rushed but yea
  5. ok first im going to say this. im not a great writer but i like writing and this is my first short story im showing anyone. meep. dont judge. (btw sorry this has literally the worst grammar and spelling sorry) i woke up. terrified. alone. stairing into the sky i see nothing, or is it nothing, no its, leaves? what happened to me? why am i here? sitting up i see trees. lots of trees. surrounding me. as far as the eye could see was thin tall trees and darkness, not even a speck of light. why am i on the floor? so many unanswered questions flooded my mind. how did i get here? the trees were thin, tall and dark with black leaves like they were painted. leaves danced around my ankles. the black-blue coloured trees stretched on for what looked like forever. the damp smell of the forest seeped into my nose as the sound of nothing echoed throughout my head. silence. no rustling of leaves, no wind, no animals, no life. just me. i was wearing a yellow dress and my hair tied up in a messy bun with black shoes. who dressed me? i hate dresses. trying to remember how i got here, i started walking. i didnt know where i was going but i walked for an eternity. the endless forest mocked me at every step. Snap. a stick broke and i froze. crunch. snap. again and again the once silent forest was now filled with the terrifing noise of twigs and leaves crunching and snapping behind me. then silence again. "hello again" i heard from behind. meep hope u like it.
  6. well being a red head as well i guess i dont have a single favorite but i guess Karma Akabane, Erza Scarlet, Shirayuki and Rias Gremory. ok i have quite a few but yea
  7. u have literally said Mob psycho 100 like 1000000 times but yea i will have a look
  8. You're the greatest gf i could have ever asked for

  9. well kinda of an artist but u already know that
  10. ok so i had a huge list of anime to watch and must have deleted it coz im dumb so now i need as many anime suggestions as i can get. i prefer romance action/comedy or anything around that. just suggest any anime really and i will look. k thanks
  11. hiii my name is Saffue and I love anime I mostly like romance action anime

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      Hiya Saffue! hope you have a great time here!

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