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    Fairy tail, clannad, clannad after story and most romantic or romantic action anime
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    All of class 1A in my hero academia. All of the characters in the fairy tail gild in fairy tail.


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  1. yea i wil have a look at it idek lol i just remember that
  2. omg thank you i couldnt remember anything about it and didnt think i was gonna get a reply because of how vague the description was but thank you
  3. so a while ago i watched an anime and not gonna lie i dont remember anything about it other than this one part. so either the main character, or a side character i dont remember, was really into coding and joined either a club or a school for elite coding but he was different from everyone because he did it manually and the norm of this anime was to do it semi-automatically. the other people in this elite club/school didnt like this character because of the way he codes and that they are younger than everyone. sorry if its not much help but this is what i remember from this anime and i would like to watch it again. thanks
  4. well being a red head as well i guess i dont have a single favorite but i guess Karma Akabane, Erza Scarlet, Shirayuki and Rias Gremory. ok i have quite a few but yea
  5. Saffue


    u have literally said Mob psycho 100 like 1000000 times but yea i will have a look
  6. You're the greatest gf i could have ever asked for

  7. well kinda of an artist but u already know that
  8. ok so this is a guess but i would say about 150
  9. ok so i had a huge list of anime to watch and must have deleted it coz im dumb so now i need as many anime suggestions as i can get. i prefer romance action/comedy or anything around that. just suggest any anime really and i will look. k thanks
  10. hiii my name is Saffue and I love anime I mostly like romance action anime

    1. Metro


      Hiya Saffue! hope you have a great time here!

  11. hi As u have probably guessed I am new to the forums. Anyway I LOVE anime and I would love to make an anime but I'm not a good animator. The anime genre I love the most I a rare one but I love watching romantic action anime (I love it better when it's dubbed). Ok so I don't know what else to say and I don't want to keep u here to long so byeee. ~Saffue
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