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    nichijou....nichijou is amazing should totally check it out


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  1. Im still kicking

  2. "Here comes a mighter warrior"

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    2. brycec


      @Illusion of Terra Well, Kaga would have to be great grandma or something. He has already claimed the other resident potato as his grandmother.

    3. John jobs

      John jobs

      Yes, this is a fighterz referance, I love fighterz

    4. Nova


      Lol a hidden relative of mine👻🍟

  3. I study all aroubd, trusted teachers, some books, the internet and what i call improv study where I use all if what i learned to learn something different but with shared traits. the best way to learn is not to use just one method, but rather several and to listen to people who are trusted and know better
  4. Unfortunate how many people stopped following me, but i think its time i finally come back 

  5. Gentalmen, i am BACK

    1. Ryuji


      Wb! Also, nice to meet you.

  6. Gentalmen, i am afraid to say i might not be on as much anymore, i just find myself rather, unwelcome due to some sercumstances, if you are a friend of mine please talk to me in discord, if you cant use that then message me here or on xbox 

  7. i feel really awful, perhaps my worst ever

    1. Dis


      What happened?

    2. John jobs

      John jobs

      to say the least a break up

    3. Dis


      Never having gone through one myself, I don't know what to say, other than I'm open if you need someone to vent to 

  8. guy's i have some sad news....my beared died today by the hands of a razor, hopefully it will one day grow back :'(

  9. So I have no idea how many of us here are speedrunners but i thought it would be a cool discussion anyways. Wether or not you're professional at it doesn't matter, Personally I'm an amature skyrim speerunner on the ps4 and xbox one, however trying to speedrun that and Binding of isaac are both really fun and rewarding when you pull off a good time.
  10. so i may have gotten anime forums working again for awhile, been doing tons of work lately

  11. @SoullessMarshmallow and anyone else, chat with me on discord, the forums been a bit buggy for me due to a low connection, so my acvity here is poop D: so yea I also hope to see you soon grandma, I know you're spying on meh

  12. I'm going as John jobs :3 but if I could go as someone I would be probably Mob from mobpsycho 100 or maybe even grunckle stan since I can do an impression of him :3
  13. rip cant visit my own club room due to this protective site blocker ;-;

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    2. Optic


      Interesting... maybe see if there is a way to whitelist/add a exception for AF ?

    3. John jobs

      John jobs

      i could try


  14. Me and my family watch anime, my family watches strictly dub because they are not the best speed readers I watch both sub and dub because im studying Japanese and dont care
  15. So its back up now, looks nice but i have to get use to this again

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