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  1. Actually, tbh, a darker pokemon show seems like it would make a lot of sense. The cheerful nature of the original show and the games always kinda threw me off. I mean, you have a world built entirely around the concept of people using animals in street fighting and combat arenas. Yet, somehow, the place is all vibrant and cheerful and everyone is good natured. Doesn't actually make a lot of sense to me. I agree with your concept. Hardcore pokemon should be a thing. :0
  2. That's actually a fairly fair response. Anyways, I'm not into bi relationships, so like, I'd flirt relentless and drive you crazyy because that's as far as it'd ever go. xoxoxox
  3. I'd take the lamb plush away and take it as my own lover.
  4. Github and bitbucket are basically the same exact thing. They let you use git repositories. Bitbucket is favored by the python community and it's free for groups of up to 5 (including unlimited private repositories), so that's why I don't use github.
  5. That's a good question, and yes, yes I do. I have over 10 personal repositories, containing about 250,000 lines of my own code.
  6. I've reopened my Bitbucket account. Coding in Python. The code is flowing. A secret project begins.
  7. Dude, everything has tits these days. If that's your only criteria, you're totally up shit creek.
  8. I'm so tired right now... I forgot how tired I get after work, hahaha... Haaaah.....

    1. brycec


      Don't try to force yourself.

  9. Back to work, sadly. My vacation has ended and the regular routine begins again. Ah well, it was quite amusing!

    1. zoop


      There will be future vacations to look forward to! September, perhaps? ;)

    2. brycec


      Here's to hoping you can survive, without burning the place down or bringing a live cougar in.

  10. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    Yeah. Isn't that good? Huh. I think I'd be confused and happy. Confused because that would be a lot of tentacles and a lot of sex, with the two things not really having much overlap, despite what you may think. Happy because I've always wanted to meet the Great Old Ones in person. < 3
  11. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    Hahaha, nope. Sounds like a funny thing to say, but it isn't my style. Also, I ran vista for a while... I think I ran it for all of 48 hours before I fled in terror. On TV? Yeah, actually. In pictures as well. Not in person, though. I have traveled overseas a bit, but not to places where I would be able to see this. One day, I wouldn't mind doing so. Frost is a member of her own harem? Alright, I'll buy it, hahaha. Here's my ranking - Frost (it's her harem, after all) Zoop (I married you) Zin (because Z, so she should be right here, also she's adorable) Cy~ (I want to be in the middle of lovely ladies~~~) Kohloo (I feel terrible that she isn't higher) Histoire (I'm feeling more terrible that she isn't higher, because she's fun/funny, but like this is a serious challenge) RyePotatoes (I... I don't know her that well?) Note: No numerical ranking! I'm just ordering peeps by where I want to be, lmfao.
  12. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    Yup, I used NT 4. It's 100% plug and pray. Only, you don't bother praying, because there was literally no plug and play support and no device management system whatsoever. Basically, you simply didn't have many options for getting hardware to work. Sadly, a bootleg copy of NT 4 was literally all that I had, so that's what I used while hunting for Windows 95.
  13. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    A long time ago, I used to be an annoying little bitch that actually thought that it was cool to "hack" things (I was really, really, really young - this was a while ago). However, I quickly learned that real hacking is actually hard - it requires assembly, etc. Thankfully, you don't have to do real hacking. Just take a guess at a root password based on the server's hostname, information about the site owner, or some other such thing. That works regardless of OS. Yeah, I've tried that against red hat boxes. A LONG TIME AGO.
  14. *randomly appears in mafia game* Because harem membership necessitates it, I think. Fuck, I'd vote for him, because -
  15. Zoop and I just finished watching the first half of A Silent Voice. That was actually about as far as we went before @zoop made the throat cutting gesture that signaled that it wasn't gonna work out for us. We had both basically been suffering up until that point and our relative watchability score was really, really low. I actually feel a little like a scrambled egg at the moment. I'm really, honestly remarkably confused. I've had people bark at me on this site, at least twice about how this movie was clearly better than Kimi no Na wa. I even had one guy pull a literal "Imma let you finish" on me. Well, finally, I went to go watch it. How the fuck is this better than Kimi no Na wa? Narratively, this movie feels like it was made of cheesecloth. It really felt like I was watching the 2 hour abridged version of a 3 hour movie. It felt like something was missing! A lot of things, in fact. It actually felt so much like something was missing that I kept saying it and thinking it as the story jumped all around itself like a chipmunk on LSD. I found the characters to be unlikable, the comedy to be unrelateable, and the music and visual elements to be jarring. Basically, the film felt uncomfortable and tense, not because of the bullying. It was tense because of the awkward way that the story was being told, and it was uncomfortable because the characters all felt a little "off". They didn't feel very real at all. It felt like it was an over-engineered story, where someone started with an idea "a bully finds redemption" and then fills in the blanks around that in an attempt to justify the redemption. It was both too complex and too simple for what it was trying to do. Did it get better in the second half? The first half left me grumpy. For the corrections that I had received, I had expected a halfway decent viewing experience. I really didn't get it.
  16. I think that most people would say Levi, because it's true. With that said, Eren's titan form is a thing of beauty.
  17. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    Uh.... I would attempt to seduce her. Don't judge me.
  18. I'd risk a hug, and then I'd have to say that they're not my type. The background would fade to a grainy film noir atmosphere, and I'd walk away, clutching my trench coat in the rain.
  19. Do you have any weird speech/writing quirks? They don't have to be something as obvious as " " or " " or " ", but I think that almost everyone has some kind of weird quirk in their writing or in their speaking. Share it here! Don't worry, there will be no judgement. < 3 I'll start first! I actually have a lot of weird quirks, and I'm horribly aware of all of them, but trying to change doesn't necessarily do any good. They're more or less permanently part of who I am. Bonus question: Is it the same for you or can you alter your spoken/written quirks on command? Here are my written quirks - My posts are filled with "hahaha" and other similar variants. I know, it's terrible and feels fake. What can I say? My brain is soft, giggly cake. I write old. My word choices and sentence structures are at least a few decades out of date, sometimes. I write formal. Even my informal writing comes across as overly formal, if I'm not thinking about it. When I write fiction, breathing appears at least once every other page. I once calculated the most common phrase in one of my role plays. I was a little embarrassed - it was "she took a deep breath and" - with many, many things occurring immediately afterwards. Here are my spoken quirks - I say "that's exactly correct" and "incorrect" in just normal day to day speech. (This drives people around me crazy.) I mention probability at really random moments. If something weird happens, I'll probably start calculating the probability in my head and I'll spit it out at some point in the next hour or so. I say "are you sure you want to take that bet" (a lot) and you never really want to take that bet, since you know, I've already calculated out the odds and you'll end up owing me a favor. (I'm sorry, @zoop.) I get distracted and begin lectures on intellectual topics that have nothing at all to do with anything that anyone was just talking about. I zone out and stare into space, resuming what I was saying up to an hour after the fact. I change topics a lot, a whole lot, and then I'll come back to the original topic probably a day or so later. I make a lot of non-speech noises. I growl, I hiss, I sigh heavily, I laugh (too much), I sniff heavily, I randomly clear my throat, I groan, I can growl while speaking as well (which sounds gnarly and terrifies the uninitiated), I whistle (rarely - usually as a precursor to something silly), I rhyme (randomly and nonsensically), and I tap my foot/finger (sometimes audibly). Yes, I can be a weirdly noisy person to have around, hahaha. Err... Yeah, I have a lot of these. A little embarrassing to share, but I figure that you won't let me be the only post here?!
  20. ... I uhh.... I .... That's... Ummm... It is to say... Errr... Ummmm... I'll have to think long and hard about this. Wait... No... Nectar, dear, I have to say - I didn't see that coming. *pokerfaces and walks slowly away*
  21. Nectar-kun don't hold back!!!!!
  22. Soooo, she overflowed your integers? The car made you all hot and bothered? Do I even have to say anything about this?! Nectar, just how dirty are you? Be honest, don't hold back.
  23. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    Just this year, in fact! Back in January, hahaha.
  24. Omg, omg, OMG! That is the exact car that was going to be my fallback if I couldn't get a red mini, hahaha. How is it?! Do you love it?! I agree with this. In fact, there's this weird local specialty store that we go to that has an ENORMOUS candy section. I uhh... I spend a lot of quality time there when @zoop and I go grocery shopping. In fact, at some point, I just leave her in the aisles and run over there to get a head start on gathering my supplies. I usually intend for them to last a week. Instead, I eat everything on Saturday. Without fail. lol. ; _ ;
  25. Cy~

    Ask a Cy~

    Okay, okay, okay - I'll tell you what I'd do. I would turn them all against each other while attempting to appear completely impartial. It wouldn't actually be very difficult. I would kick things off by pointing out that both Hannibal Lector and Lawrence Wargrave are depraved individuals. This should be enough to lose them the trust of the others. They would find themselves on the losing end of the battle of wits, since I could join in with the others and utterly bludgeon them. Lector would be more resilient, but Wargrave would be far more entertaining. Then, I would get into the nitty gritty details. Lupin is a thief. He would be my next target, but I would go gently in my poking so that I could keep Lupin in the game for longer. I would also avoid pointing out the fact that Moriarty is also depraved, because I would lose that game and it isn't mine to play anyway - Holmes can beat Moriarty (but it takes time). With Lector and Wargrave out of the game, I would use the indiscretions of the Catholic Church to put Mr. Brown on the defensive, followed by stoking the fires of Moriarty's rivalry with Holmes. I would force Mr. Brown to concede. Then, I would then throw a curveball at Poirot - pitting his gentlemanliness against that of Lupin, and watching the fireworks that ensue. If that doesn't work - I would allege that Poirot is a more effective Frenchman than Lupin, whom is actually French. At this point, I expect that only Holmes and Poirot/Lupin (only one) would be left in the game. If it's Lupin, that's easy. Pitch a fight with them and Holmes. If it's Poirot, this becomes harder and yet easier. Holmes is a bit of a slob, takes the law into his own hands without suffering much guilt, and has no time for "cultured" pursuits. I'd point all of this out and then watch the explosions. I'd expect that Holmes would concede just due to the pure annoyance of having to deal with Poirot's endless rambling rants. With Poirot or Holmes as my final contender (remember the possibility of Lupin), then I'd take the same strategy. I would ask them about the limits of law. At which point would their intellect exhaust itself and they would have to come to terms with the fact that they too are capable of criminality. Then, I would posit that I am immune to this, because I never fell into the trap of imagining myself to be any form of good. Thus, I have won. Check and mate. Hahaha, sadly, I've learned a number of languages, but I never practice them so they "unlearn". Here are some of the languages that I have spoken in the past (for at least one year's worth of courses) - Spanish Japanese Latin (don't ask, I thought Romans were cool) French Due to attrition, I'm only really able to speak French (assuming I have a few weeks to polish my skills), mainly because I took a French classes for 5 years in college. Why did I do it? Because, there was a cute girl there that liked to talk shit in French during the classes. In fact, there were a lot of cute girls there. But, of course! It's red and black. Hahaha. It's also from the last year of the first generation of the revision, and it's a Cooper S. Yup, that's right, the extra sporty r53 model. (Yes, it's a modern mini. Now, look, I don't want any lip about the modern minis not being British. My car , so fuck it. Yes, I have the record for when it was shipped overseas; it had miles on it on British soil.) Purchasing it was science. I had to research the exact nature of mini's car development. I discovered that it was shit. Only the last year runs of any one mini model were any good. So, I needed to find a 2006 and I wanted a 2006 that was one of the last minis made for that year. Well, I found it, after a lot of missed opportunities. Financing for it was a bitch, of course, since I'm already carrying a lot of debt. Didn't really matter, though, because my dad (actually in law, but who cares) signed for it. (Though, I'm still paying, hahaha.) Anyways, here she is - And, here she is, rather snuggly in a snow blanket -
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