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Fanfic mini contest summer 2019

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Contest Details

Scenario: Your favorite Promised Neverland character finally escapes the House. A beach is set before them, and although they are exhausted, the sense of relief is overwhelming.

There can be any number of characters to interact with, you are just writing from the point of your favorite one.

Condition: Write about their first hour of freedom. 

Content Limit: 3,000 characters (roughly one written page)

Contest dates: 7/1/2019 through 7/15/2019.

Prizes: One winning entry will be chosen for 5,000 points.

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Just wanted to update to add I have two Crunchyroll Premium Guest Passes that I will be passing along to the winner of this contest as well.

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Hello A~F creative!

I hope everyone’s fanfics are well underway, as we have just under a week until the submission deadline!

My excitement is mounting over what everyone’s creative worlds and adventures are going to look like. 

I’m wishing you good luck, again - I know we have many Promised Neverland fans among us, so you’re in good hands. 

Giving you my best, 


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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone. I am sorry to say we will be closing the submission thread without further ado. 

Thank you for all who were watching. I really hope we can get a more inspired topic for you all next time 💕

Edited by Seshi

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I was really looking forward to some ideas as I've watched The Promised Neverland and this really lends itself to speculating what is out there. Maybe another contest right before the next season could work out?

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That’s a great suggestion. I think a lot of people tend to rewatch the first reason before a new season. Perhaps that will work better. I will definitely give it a try!

So I’d say look out for this topic to re-emerge in the future!

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