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This college is offering Anime classes


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I think western education (can't speak for all of them, only the ones I saw) generally focuses too much on western literature. I once asked a teacher why we don't do anything about Japanese/Arabic/Indian/African/Chinese authors, and she couldn't even name one, let alone name specific titles 😂 From what I can see, school and college curricula are starting to include more 'foreign' literature as well.
Anime could be a part of that I think. Of course not any random one, just like I don't think you can pick any random comic for a literature class. But specific anime titles for specific things, such as the use of symbolism in different cultures for literature class, certain anime for how Japan portrayed/portrays WWII for history class, or a certain philosophical issue for philosophy class, could be interesting I think (apart from the obvious use in art classes).

Long story short, anime is diverse, not every anime will be useful for anything, but some could be used for specific things.

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I took a class similar to this one where the professor focused on movies and music in literature. The outcome was good, he allowed us to dig into a more multidimensional medium than literature alone, getting auditory, and visual information for understanding the topic as well as the information we are able to gather from the literature in question. 

I also took the classic lit classes, one which was heavy on the old English and nearly everyone in the class was using cliffs notes or couldn’t even read the traditional translation so they had no real need for the actual book, they’d just google a modern English version to make things easier. I’d say the topics were always great that we got to discuss in that specific class, and the writing was graded very strictly. But as far as learning from things that aren’t very relatable or understandable is another obstacle in the process. I do appreciate learning the classic literature and would do well in a lit appreciation class 🤣 but as far as learning anything more (as far as developing actual writing style) I think it’s asking too much out of one semester. Learning and absorbing, sure. Transformation through such a short amount of time? Likely not. 

I think classes that can be more easily translatable to its students would see more students readily changed by their efforts. A+ for anime class 

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