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Fall 2020 Anime


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A new season of anime is under a month away now. Although the big name titles seem to have all been delayed until 2021, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some interesting things just around the corner.


Some titles I’m curious to check out:

How about eveyone else?

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Just finished the first episode of I’m Standing on a Million Lives. If it played things entirely straight I would find the MC’s personality annoying, but there’s enough satire to it that he gives me kinda a Kazuma vibe :P The useless partymembers trope is pretty much from Konosuba also, though I think it will have a more serious side to it as well. Apparently there’s also a gag version of the episode with the same dialogue but a cartoonish art style, though that’s not on CR. Just the 1st ep but seems like it will probably be a keeper for me.

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On 9/22/2020 at 11:47 AM, Anime loveer said:

This one ....


Also this, lol. I watched the 1st episode on Crunchyroll and am waiting impatiently for the 2nd, lol.


Other than that I honestly haven't checked out any new anime or new seasons of recent anime because I'm so backlogged on my need-to-watch list and it just keeps growing 😅.

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