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Why are so many MCS perverts in anime?

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Honestly, i have no idea i think their supposed to be relatable????

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I think it's supposed to be funny. I must admit I've occasionally chuckled when MC's have started being pervy in a "oh, should've known" kinda way.

But hey, anime has been hijacked by the omnipresent tenticles of international capitalism, just like every other artistic medium. As long as it sells they'll keep making characters like this.

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Japan's population has been suffering a decline because men and women are lacking desire to be connected in any meaningful way. Partly to blame are historically strict gender role enforcements which, largely, has been pushed back on, and let's face it, resulted in an overwhelming amount of grown men rejecting the notion they should go out and have a career and instead spend their days withdrawn into video games and anime/manga. Likewise women have become more career-driven when they've been told culturally they should stay home and raise a family.

Couple that with the way Japan has mastered commodities and you've got a recipe for people to live in completely self-serving bubbles. Give that a few years to ruminate and become commonplace and now we're talking about anime studios being compromised of obsessive anime fans who have never learned how to interact with women. This is, in fact, according to Hayao Miyazaki, who asserts this is the reason the quality of anime is dropping so drastically. The men who have written these perverted characters think it's funny because they have never been in the real world where that kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable and isn't even humourous. The more these perverted characters have a presence in anime, the more skewed their perspective becomes. The issue continues to perpetuate itself.

Personally, much as I try not to let it deter me from watching an anime, it really has ruined a ton for me. 7DS is a perfect example of an anime I find entirely unwatchable because, fundamentally, you cannot have a character with any depth nor meaning when their whole personality is based on a trope born from a sheltered and detached life. The issue is made far worse when that character is in fact the MC, as is the case with Meliodas, who as a result is shallow, fake, and gives me no reason to be interested in whatever struggles he might presumably face, which in turn makes the entire anime a wasted potential.

And, sadly, as others have already pointed out, it still makes money.

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The pervert role provides some relatability and some cheap and easy comic relief. It's a running trope where the audience needs a distraction from all of the seriousness and having it mainly associate with a character is an easy trigger to pull on, whenever the writer needs it.


Do you want to hint two characters having a possible relationship? And then completely snap it back with absolutely zero progress made? Then you introduce a perverted scene.


Do you want to expand your audience? Sex sells, so introduce multiple girls. And then introduce their affection to the MC. And then constantly bait your audience into thinking there's progress, while trying to keep the status quo of MC appealing to everyone, so he cannot exclusively go after one girl.


Writers just don't want to focus on the actual dynamics of their characters. They want to focus on the surface level of what looks cute, romantic, and amazing. They want the MC to be appealable to EVERYONE, because as soon as people start hating the MC, they DROP the show.

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Back in the day  I think it was more of a comic relief thing. A way for guys to laugh at that side of themsrlves & think “Hey, at least I’m not as much of a horndog as that guy”. A caricature basically. (Ataru from Urusei Yatsura comes to mind).  More often then not they got rejected, duped or the snot beat out of them (or at least slapped).
 But increasingly it seems more  like a form of fantasy fulfillment that girls secretly think (it’s a tsundere thing) that openly perverted guys are cute & it couldn’t possibly be the reason why they don’t already have a hot gf or their own harem  :P 

And as has already been noted, sex sells & not just in anime.

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