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Heck yeah.


No, I find this somewhat relevant to what we are discussing. There's many variations of smoking, even if we were referring mostly to cigarettes/nicotine. As long as you aren't running around the forum discussing your escapades constantly, I don't find issue with it. As you have stated, you live where it is legal.


I never saw a huge problem with it, personally. They have found many benefits to THC. While it's not for everyone, I personally know a handful of people it actually helps cope with certain things- pain, anxiety..


Thanks for understanding!


While I'm better than in my youth I was quite anxious, overly excitable (to the point that I would either make senseless mistakes or otherwise make people think I was too weird and not want to associate with me), and often had very deep depression swings. It really helps mellow me out so that I can relax and make sensible decisions and not scare people away.

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My mother and my grandparents on her side were smokers. I never liked it and hated to smell of it. I tried to ask my mom a lot when I was little to quit since I was worried for her and her health but she never did. I don't dislike people if they smoke that's there choice. But I don't like the smell of it and ask people if they do to go somewhere else to do it and not in front of me. Or I leave the room myself. My mother after many years quit smoking finally and been free from it for 3 years not almost 4. I'm happy for her since her health improved more. I know smoking is not my thing and will never do it myself. 

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I don't smoke, even though most of my friends around me do. I've seen a lot of my college professors smoke too.  My parents don't smoke either and will probably disown me if they ever find me smoking (which they never will cause i don't think i will ever smoke)

Although, i have tried smoking once or twice, absolutely hated it, i have no reason to inhale smoke. 


I do smoke marijuana sometimes, once in a month or two. It's totally under control and i love the experience. I've also tried those e-cigs or so called vapes, i don't like that either. 

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Smoking is one of the many, yet common causes of death and cancer, or other mere health problems. This applies to E-Cigarettes, too. In fact, they are more harmful than the normal cigarette and it can bring an even bigger concern to the people around the one who does smoke.

That's why I HATE smoking and boy will I never touch a packet.

There's this reaction I'm having every single time someone asks me to hold onto their battery or packet (either to bring it to them which I'd disobey if I could, or just help them to have less weight over doing a short chore), I feel like I'm going to faint or throw up. I wash my hands after touching these two but thank God it's rarely the case.

My parents smoke and such, which still annoys me, really. I told them many times to stop with this harmful habit, of course! (of course they denied)

1 hour ago, Time Traveller said:

My parents don't smoke either and will probably disown me if they ever find me smoking (which they never will cause i don't think i will ever smoke)

I reckon that's very little exaggerating on their part, but you'll benefit from it. You're a lucky person. :crazy:

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I have not only smoked cigarettes but I was and still am a fan of weed.

Now, someone asked, how someone can start smoking? Well, simply put, for me? Stress. I am a stressful mess. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. My anxiety was so bad, I had stomach ulcers. They still come and go. I hate the flare-ups. Anyway, I smoked for three years, then quit for about two, then picked it up again for a few months, then quit again. I had a vape on all the times I quit and did wean myself off of nicotine. I still vape but it has no nicotine in the liquid. *NICOTINE FREE*

However, I smoke weed because not only does it help when I'm overly stressed, it helps when I'm sore. When I hurt. I have back pain, and neck pain, especially from my job, and it certainly helps without having to keep getting prescriptions for pain meds, and the detox from taking pain meds for a while is ridiculously agonizing.

I highly recommend weed to anyone who either has trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, seizures, hell, you can even Google the health benefits of THC and weed in general. And since I live in Oregon, I can just walk into a shop and get it without needing a medical card. If you do want to try weed, do keep in mind there are varying types that help with different things. THAT ALSO HAVE DIFFERENT HIGHS. I implore not to judge all weed as the same. They are NOT. You feel different with different types/strains!! If you're curious, hit me up, I'll be happy to help and recommend! : 3 And only of course, if you are of age to legally smoke. Sorry kiddies.

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I'm fine with smoking but only in proper smoking area but not inside in closed spaces I do not smoke anymore instead I switched to vaping smells good but I'm still not In people's faces about it. But yeah cigarettes here in Ireland are minimum of 15 euro a pack so it's not cheap here.

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