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We need a need anime Style : First Person

1990s Pimp

Do you people think it's a good idea?  

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  1. 1. Do you people think it's a good idea?

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    • Fucking awful idea

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Imagine one of your favorite characters. Then imagine the first person view of that character.


How cool would it be if Attack on Titan was first person?

Of course some points could be 3rd person or some what.

You guys watch Hard Core Henry? A first person movie. They had limits to what they could do, but with anime; the limit is the narrators imaginations.

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To be honest, most anime would be either too terrifying or too adrenaline pumped to put you in a first persons point of view. I mean, not only does it place you in the shoes of the character, but it only truly allows you to we a single point of view, which really breaks the point of having background characters, since you can just focused the camera to where the persons looking.


I mean, not to mention first person action would be horrifying!


Especially with VR xD


I mean, not a bad idea, but there's a reason there aren't many first person anime, let alone any ;)

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Imagine if they made Corpse Party in First Person. Then watch it on VR. I would literally shit every pants in the world.

But hey, watching "H" on First Person. I'm down. lol

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there is already a few animes in first person but hardly any got traction personally i would love a first person horror anime so u can see how shaken they are and know what is going on in their view but maybe give it a 3rd person adaptation so people who dont care about that view still would watch it? i think that would make it a pretty unique anime and give u two perspectives to look at which would be cool

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