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Made in Abyss Episode 1 Discussion (Recap)

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I don't know why I didn't make an episode discussion for this last week, because it's a very simple, but very good show.


It's a very interesting show where several people, including young children explore this abyss that came out of nowhere, in hope of discovering it's secrets, and it's valuables. Our main character Riko, wants to explore the depths of the abyss, despite lacking the skills to do so, so she can find out what happened to her parents who are believed to have been two of many who have died in the pursuit of exploring the seemingly endless pit.


While exploring, one of Riko's friends is attacked by a monster59e217a89618f_MadeinAbyss4.thumb.jpg.0f2bae24ea04e3fcf22a66e6de25eecc.jpg


who has the full intent of eating him. In a panicked state, Riko blows her whistle getting the monster's attention, but putting herself in danger. Just when it looked like she was going to be eaten, an attack comes from out of nowhere and saves her. She finds a robot and takes it back to the orphanage where she lives, sneaking it by the rather oppressive head.


The next day, we see the young residents of the Orphanage in a class, where they are reminded of their duties and such. Riko however, desperate to go further into the abyss, begs with one of the adults in there to let her go deeper. 59e217a89c0a2_MadeinAbyss5.jpg.6158b22729ec269914f35d267af9a40a.jpg


He declines her after she had basically brought nothing back due to the monster she had encountered, that she didn't tell anyone about to try and keep the robot safe.


Later that night, Riko and some other friends try successfully to revive the robot she found. 59e217a899ecb_MadeinAbyss.thumb.jpg.760fb7569bdd45aa602d90ab82f7fc4f.jpg

However he can't remember anything about himself, or even that he is a robot. Unfortunately for Riko though, getting the robot booted up caused the power in the Orphanage to go out. She gets yelled at, and just before she's about to get caught with the robot, he uses his arms, which can be stretched out and returned to escape the building. Riko than names the Robot boy Regu, and takes him to see a sight of the abyss from a point she likes, just as the sun is about rise.



Regu is somewhat interested in what she has to say, and then the episode ends with the explanation of what the Abyss is, that I gave at the start of this thread.


Overall, for a single episode that's clearly not meant to be taken with the utmost seriousness, but rather just to be enjoyed, I really like it, a lot, and after this, I'm going straight into watching the second episode, because I want to see what happens next. There's something about this anime that really makes me want to play a video game version of it and any anime that makes me feel like that, is a good one for sure. I give this episode an overall rating of a 9/10. I want to see more, but I love what I've seen so far, and just look at these visuals, they are simply amazing.



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I'm watching this series , with others , and am enjoying it this far

something I read in a write up about it tho was that its meant to become dark after a few eps so ill be interested to see how they take it

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I know why I haven't heard of the anime, but why haven't I heard of the manga in which it's based upon?


The first thing I noticed is that Nat is undeniably voiced by Mutsumi Tamura, Lute in Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On. The artstyle is not what I'm used to, but the characters are very kawaii and the world is beautifully depicted and this has the production quality of a movie. It seems like a fun and creative serie, looks like we'll be getting the dungeon aspect of Chocobo's Dungeon yet in the form of a anime.



Arigato RepentantSky-senpai, if you didn't make this thread then I would've missed out on this sugoi anime! ^_^

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well episode 10 was interesting in its self definitely a change of presentation to the cutesie fun I wonder if this is the turn or just this episode

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