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Best drawing tablet


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A while back I was looking into buying a tablet that was specifically created to make art on, not sure if it was a type of iPad or something, but has anyone bought one of these art tablets? Or know what the best one is with lots of great features?

I download art aps on my phone all the time and sometimes I’m extremely dissapointed due to limitations and sometimes I’m blown away. I imagine it’s the same with these types of devices. Feedback would be great guys! 

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I got a Huion Q11K and I use it for drawing and it cost about $120 its perfectly fine for me, there are 8 configurable buttons on the tablet, which I don't use, 2 buttons on the pen and the pen is a good weight. 

I recommend it, but $120 is prob to much to spend for most... 

All I can really give is advice because I don't know a whole lot about what one is better, but from what I can tell size isn't a big concern unless its like 4 inches then you might want a little bigger, and if it doesn't feel good to use it when u get one its not the tablet it's you, you just have to get used to it.

That's all I know.

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