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  2. leinwandname


    He already has that goofy look, although these kind usually have spiky, blonde hair and a crush on their red haired class mate 😁 I would prefer to be a different Edogawa though - older than he looks, witty and famous with the ladies 😂
  3. I'm concerned about the weight of the VR headset and etc. as well. I'd really like to see a light headset that works wirelessly. Making the headset light but cabled to a small backpack or fannypack that actually holds the battery and most of the electronics would be acceptable, as long as the cable is well-managed. It is being worked on and it'll happen, but it isn't here yet. The other thing I'd really like to see is a simple glove type device for hand positioning and gesture sensing. (Simple for the user.. it can be PFM inside, as long as it is easy to use.)
  4. @efaardvark Ok, so far I'm a bit mixed on Skyrim VR. Mostly because of the VR gear. I'm actually enjoying it and it is definitely interesting. I wish it were crisper, but that may be my offbrand hdmi cable's effect on things. There were two kinds of movement. A teleportation movement (absolutely not for me. Very disconcerting and slow for me to use) and a point and run movement (which I was already accustomed to from playing Loading Human). You swing your sword/mace with the wands and draw back and aim your own bows so loving that. If I hadn't had a slower game to introduce me to using the wands this would be a lot more difficult for me. The problem came not from being motion sick (if that was an issue I'd never survive riding on boats), but the VR gear is still too heavy for me to wear for extended times, even with the longer cables reducing some of the weight. Still loving the game, and being in Skyrim is pretty awesome. I imagine it will take days for me to really get good at the controls. I need to play around at a few things and run a few quests before I really decide. I think I could still use the regular controller if I wanted to and just play with the vr gear on....might try that out too eventually.
  5. Cracked pepper pistachios are my favorite 

  6. I try to avoid sugar where I can, but it's very hard to say no to a butter tart.
  7. Feeling great enjoying the nice rainy day
  8. @xWickedNekox come back when you have cookies 😜
  9. Something like that. Not exactly something I can really explain. It'll be a happy weekend once I finally get some sleep. Ugh!
  10. Sounds diffcult well for me👻happy weekend to all
  11. Yesterday
  12. Doing really good today talked with a good friend, and went to a local fair that was put on in my town.
  13. Happy oh so happy After 44 years the netherlands finally won the eurovision song contest Lets start counting down again 14600 days to go for our next win
  14. After 44 years we finally won! Duncan made us proud!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Didn't think people would really go for a classy performance, but I'm glad they did. Kudos!

  15. Muco

    Dessert Connoisseurs

    I can relate to this haha. It takes a huge toll on your teethes if you eat to many at once since they are quite sugary. And yeah it's a sweet you better enjoy with a drink like tea or coffee, depending what you prefer. Luckily, I don't had to pay a visit to the dentist for anything to serious.
  16. @Muco my parents are huge fans of Lokum and it's quite a popular gift. I personally don't really enjoy it too much because it is a bit too sugary and not enough other flavors. But it's great with tea
  17. Muco

    Dessert Connoisseurs

    Oh we have got a couple of people with a sweet tooth. For me it's Lokum (turkish delight), a turkish sweet I fell in love with. There are many variations of it, so here an example how it looks like.
  18. Built an aquarium... ... and a villager photobombed it when I took a picture of it.
  19. efaardvark


    If we're still talking the anime then that would definitely be Edogawa. He's actually member of the photography club (for dubious reasons), but he's always hanging out with the astronomy club.
  20. I'll take down the government and find the children would u work for the CIA or FBI?
  21. leinwandname


    @efaardvark Never seen this anime but the observatory looked something like that, except in white. (granted, observatories can't look that much different 😁) Maybe I'm the protagonist of the anime of a different universe? Or the goofy, dumb side character?
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