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    Thing of it is, it’s still a joint project with Toei Animation so at least part of your anger should be directed at them for “selling out”. Though it’s not like the first time this has ever happened and won’t be the last. I made it through maybe 10 minutes of the new series before deciding it’s not for me, but wasn’t really into the original either.
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    Well, I'm sure it said something different in the official topic title... but who reads those? I just remember a lot of cake, and pie, and some tea. Cookies too. It was probably not a healthy topic, but it tasted good.
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    That's really vague. You could try something like the anime characters database. Note the filters down the left. Using the hair & eye color, gender, etc. you should be able to narrow a character search down to maybe a couple dozen. Few enough to scroll through in a few minutes. I've used it before with some success. Good luck!
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    I've got an idea for a creature. How about a snail with wings

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