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    (i hope this thread never dies because i love going through here and listening to the music people post)
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    Temps got up to 76F today. So of course I had to mow for the first time this season.
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    Nice but try putting your insta in your profile website area. I'm interested in following.
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    i am watching all anime that netflix has to offer.. if i get through that i'll hit up hulu???
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    Every girl is pretty, they just don't know it.
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    this is the only pic I have, since I lost my cam.
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    So I keep forgetting how the spoiler thing works but here's a pic of me.
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    I posted one of this same series a while ago, but I don't remember if it was this specific one. The nice thing about working for the Army: Explosions, guns, BIGGER GUNS, and very rare guns...(and explosions).

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