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Status Updates posted by Optic

  1. Rin Natsume - Little Busters gallery complete. :)

    1. drill


      Perhaps the Mio gallery will be next? :)

    2. Optic


      I recall you requested Mio Nishizono awihle ago so yes, will be on the list. :) Would Midori be part of the same gallery too since they look virtually identical?

    3. drill


      Yep, that works.

  2. Last week of work, then finally break time for the holidays. :)

  3. Fanworks & Media section categories being revamped, don't be alarmed if things look a little messy there. :?

  4. Revamping backend for self-hosted OP/ED videos.

  5. Finished Little Busters, time to finish that Rin Natsume gallery...

  6. Black Heart - Hyperdimension Neptunia gallery complete.

  7. Google, FB and Twitter single sign on fixed. :)

  8. Slider tweaking in progress.

  9. A productive weekend thus far on Anime Forums. ^_^

  10. Black Heart - Hyperdimension Neptunia gallery in progress.

  11. Miho Nishizumi - Girls und Panzer gallery complete.

  12. Anime is a great way to relax from a long day at work. ^_^

  13. Happy birthday Taalen!

  14. New profile cover image feature is now available.

  15. Slowly making progress on this gallery.

  16. You should get an avatar uploaded soon! ;)

  17. Tweaking the episode guide thumbnails and overall structure.

  18. Currently working on Miho Nishizumi - Girls und Panzer gallery.

  19. Happy birthday Eliza! Hope you had a great day.

  20. Welcome to Anime Forums! ^_^

    1. Sunshinemasterking


      Thank you very much! It seems like a nice forum

  21. Almost Christmas time and holidays. More time to work on Anime Forums. ;)

    1. drill


      If only that was the case for me :'( My school is all year round, and I only get more hours at work than normal during the holidays. Hopefully I'll survive. XD

  22. Fuko Ibuki - Clannad gallery completed.

  23. Cute new avatar! Is that character featured in the anime TV series at all?

    1. Pokii


      I think one of the Pokemon Special Episodes that features New May and Brendan, but not in X/Y. :P

  24. Jibril - No Game No Life gallery complete. ^_^

  25. Optic

    Happy birthday Rin!

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