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Status Updates posted by Optic

  1. Any Kuruko's Basketball fans out there that can help @[1700:Yuiiki] with her S4 question?

  2. Anime sub forums are currently being moved into Title/Episode sections w/tags - pardon the temporary mess, but it'll be worth it!!

  3. AF Discord now added to the sidebar.

  4. Server tweaks have been made so AF should be noticeably faster - any issues or glitches though do let me know!

    1. Frost


      Thank you Senpai, for all your hard work~

  5. By popular request, the AF logo on the forums now links back to forum home instead of the main website.

    1. Davis


      i fell for that trick so much, but somehow forgot to ask you about that. thanks for doing that though ^_^

  6. Got the job. :)

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    2. Evil Bunny of Doom

      Evil Bunny of Doom

      *intense clapping* well done Optic-san

    3. Optic


      Thanks @[1363:Kohloo] and @[556:Evil Bunny of Doom] !

    4. SanguineTear


      Wonderful, happy to hear the good news~!

  7. If you're a fan of any Vocaloids, please poke me. I have a project that I would love to get your help with.

  8. Reviews link on the forum navbar is now pointing to the new system. Review migration almost there!

  9. The new front page is up, currently still moving pages across for Reviews and Articles. Will be a little messy temporarily until finished!

  10. Apologies for the unexpected downtime, back up now. @_@

    1. Frost


      Thank you, Optic. ^-^

  11. Optic

    Your article has been approved, apologies for the delay!

  12. Hello everyone, issues relating to the Chat should now be resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  13. A warm welcome to our newest members. :)

  14. Currently Airing titles have been expanded - feel free to discuss if you're watching any of these series!

  15. So it seems the bottom slider wasn't updating with the most recent articles everyone has been writing, sorry about that >_

  16. How are you going? :)

    1. Stoodell


      Hello Optic-senpaii! I'm doing good fine and well, thank you =)

  17. There was an issue with email notifications, now fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience!

  18. Welcome to Anime Forums :) Ooh you're from Holland? I visited Amsterdam once for holiday - it's a nice place!

  19. Long time no see. :) *poke*

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    2. Optic


      Look forward to it! I myself am doing well, currently job-seeking though. xD. Activity seems to be picking up. You probably noticed the new anime forum sections, a bit of work in progress but I think they're going to work well.

    3. Yuuki_Radosian


      Hopefully XD , sorry for slow replies I'm actually in a lecture right now (((!^!)))

    4. Optic


      Haha, that's cool. xD Ah it's a bit late in the evening for you for lecture time?

  20. Welcome to Anime Forums :)

    1. Archer


      thank you very much

  21. Trying to find non-ecchi images of [url='/forums/to-love-ru.151/'][I]To Love-Ru[/url][/I] for its new forum section was pretty hard. xD

  22. You're going to give me a heart attack if you keep posting avatars like that. xD adorable.

    1. Ryuji


      :o You've figured out my master plan! xP I love Sakura Trick so when I saw this image, I HAD TO USE IT! I just about get a nosebleed every time I look at it. xP

    2. Optic


      *adds Sakura Trick to watch list* (o^.^o)

    3. KimmyKins83


      I'm not a fan of yuri (or yaoi for that matter, lol!), but it is still a great looking new profile picall the same :) ^_^

  23. 98 more titles to go... if only there were 48 hours in a day. @_@

    1. KimmyKins83


      You can do it!!! GO OPTIC!!! GO OPTIC!!! GO OPTIC!!! ;) :D ^_^

    2. Optic


      Thanks Kimmy. :) And sorry for the late-ish reply. RL stuff has been tugging at me. >_

  24. Mailed my damaged Akame ga Kill BD back to Amazon - fingers crossed the new replacement is good.

    1. KimmyKins83


      I saw the images you put up of it - Shocking O.o

    2. Metro


      Amazon are a bit dodgy nowadays I find we got sent 4 keyboards when we ordered 1 and a few times when the package gets lost (which happens a lot now) the customer support are no help what so ever.

    3. Optic


      Update: the new replacement was good. I'm going to write about my experience in a new thread as the whole process was a bit... involved. @_@ Yeah I have to say my confidence in Amazon is a little shaken but it's really hard to beat their range.

  25. Hey there, welcome to Anime Forums. :)

    1. jataku


      Thanks man. Great to be here!

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