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Status Updates posted by Optic

  1. STILL working on Gundam SEED episode guide. Will get there. ;)

  2. Continuing work on writing Gundam SEED episode guide.

  3. Nice profile cover image! If you like, you can reposition it (move it up/down) by hovering over the image and clicking "Reposition" on the dropdown menu.

    1. katyC


      ha ha thank you for telling me.

  4. Tweaking Anime reviews section in the revamp..

  5. *poke* ^^

  6. Optic

    Ooooooooh... cute new avatar and profile cover :))

  7. *poke* Howdy Livan!

  8. Howdy Caroline - would you like a new avatar? I remember that was from the IPB days. Also you should put a profile cover image up. ;)

    1. Caroline


      Yeah a new avatar would be great :) thanks

    2. Optic


      New avatar looking good. :D

  9. New background image for the forums. Blue

  10. Optic

    Hey Nami, could you try putting a header image again on this new forum? ^^ You should be able to do it if you view your profile. Let me know if you run into any issues.

    1. Nami


      Done! ;D Didn't have any problems ;>

    2. Optic


      Awesome! :D

  11. Nice profile cover! :D

    1. Bioengineered


      Haha, it's a work in progress but I'm glad you liked it Optic! :]

  12. New Sakuyamon gallery is up!

  13. Cover photos for profiles are back!

  14. Playing with new Gallery.

  15. Gundam Connection fansite launched!

  16. iOS App approved and now available!

  17. *pokey poke*

  18. iOS AN app in review by Apple...

  19. Working on iOS AN app!

  20. *poke* Howdy Linds!

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    2. Optic


      Yup yup ^__^

    3. Optic


      Nice cover image by the way. :)

    4. NightDancer


      Made by my bestie Thamar!

  21. SPAM

    1. Taalen


      Urgh get off my profile ;)

  22. Working on the AN Forums Android app!!

  23. Sprucing up the forums!

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