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  1. I've watched the "Colors" music video a couple of times and I can't make head nor tail of it. The animation just starts and looks like a series of  random incidents between two girls, then when the song ends the video abruptly ends and gives me the impression that the video was just background images for the song and once the song was over the video was just cut off because it wasn't needed any more.

    Overall I found it a rather poorly made music video when compared to Porter Robinson & Madeon's music video "Shelter", which actually told a story.

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  2. The character I most relate to is Rin Shima from Yuru Camp.
    Like me she's an introvert who is happiest doing her own thing in her own time on her own. But, also like me, she's not anti-social and she will join in with other people and go out with them if she's asked and given the opportunity to decline and is not forced to join in. She is softly spoken and is willing to share her knowledge and interests with people if they're interested, but she won't force herself on people although she does care for her friends, often quietly and sometimes secretly.


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  3. 3 hours ago, deaaath said:

    exactly how i'll be doing it!!

    sheesh man, well, at least you get to relax after working hard for so many years, you deserve it. i'd probably pick up some hobbies, do what my grandpa does and shoot some hoops at the park, or go on a walk. find some things that you might enjoy,...don't be afraid to spoil yourself either man. goodluck. 🤘

    Thank you. As well as watching anime I've got a couple of hobbies that I can now spend more time on I'm also involved with my local church so I keep fairly busy and don't have time to get bored.  I was fortunate to have a job I enjoyed doing, I did it for 48 years so I must have liked it 😃. But I don't miss the daily commute into central London.

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