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  1. Oof. - Payday 2. -Arma 3. -Insurgency. -Team Fortress 2. And a lot of Factorio.
  2. I'm currently learning German, for personal reasons. (( Nothing associated with Nazism )). But i'm really bad at it right now.
  3. I haven't really watched any romantic anime. So uh, Toradora and Death Parade? Probably Another too.
  4. The last movie i watched was Hardcore Henry. It was hardcore, yes. And i liked it. The fact that it was a POV makes it also a lot better. It had comedy and shootouts, the story might not be the best but i liked it.
  5. With that face of yours, i'll keep the ~~hug~~ to myself.
  6. Some anime i enjoyed watching. You'll probably will too. -Overlord. -Death Parade. -Parasyte. -Another. -Highschool Of The Dead.
  7. Probably orange. Don't really know why but my mind and my eyes really dislike that color. I never wear anything orange cause nor do i like seeing people i orange. The color just doesn't appeal to me at all. (( I have no idea if this counts as a valid reason. )) What's your favorite thing about anime?
  8. Ozzie

    Chit Chat

    @Rudilla I have tried pancakes with honey, they're not bad. But i don't see myself eating them anywhere expect my grandma's house.
  9. Of course i would hug a fox girl? This hug is now yours. ~~Hug~~
  10. Feeling a little bit of post-anime depression, nothing bad tho'.
  11. Completed Watching Rokka no Yuusha. Not too bad, would watch another season, yes hmm... ^.^
  12. Hm, i use Samsung Galaxy S4. Got it for free from my dad, because he got a new phone on his birthday.
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