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  1. I friggin love Engrish. My heart exploded when I first saw this scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oyy88iyvlf0 The horrible, awkward script just makes it better. I actually just love listening to broken English in general, so long as it is still comprehensible.
  2. Hyrule Warriors was enjoyable, so I've been thinking about trying a DW game. It feels a bit hard to justify, since I assume the gameplay will be identical.
  3. dat aint falco haha see im a hip memer
  4. Buy a plane ticket home. Buy my dream computer + peripherals. Continue life as normal.
  5. I keep everything in my brain. My room is a mess, but I know exactly where every single thing is placed. I never mess up and forget something, never understood why some people do. Oh, wait, maybe because they live real lives and don't just sit in their room all day.
  6. i don't even like anime

    1. FSL29


      wait, what?

    2. Karen


      anime is satan

    3. FSL29


      Much conclusion, such wow :p.

  7. I've recently watched 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and am now caught up to the new episodes of Homeland. This is the most TV I have ever watched in the history of my life.
  8. I actually turned it off because it's just an annoying thing in the way. Feels too gimmicky (not sure if that's the right word) and it's right at that borderline of being a bit too weebish.
  9. Write about Japanese manners and courtesies that many wouldn't know about unless they lived there for a long time. Mention how the driving laws are different and you can't go fast whatsoever or else they publicly stone you to death. These kinds of things that people don't think about are the things they need to know.
  10. '03 Cavalier. It works, therefore I like it. Give me an Evo VI please.
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