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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone I originally joined in 2015 and I think there’s still some old threads going that I’m part of maybe aha ! Please feel free to dm me I love making new friends and meeting new people
  2. RYUJI! 

    1. Ryuji


      I'm long since gone from here buddy.

    2. Ryuji


      or maybe not, we'll see.

  3. Hey everyone I used too be a regular here for a while and then stopped but I always got notifications via email and decided to come back idk if anyone would remember me or if anyone is still around from that time but please feel free too say hi I dont bite
  4. getting tickets to hatsune miku next week :3

  5. i play super smash bros melee for around 3-4 hours a day but i like putting time into it and seeing myself improve
  6. i used to be super into this game actually and took several local tournaments let me know if you still play :3
  7. sorry i haven't been around a lot guys iv just been super busy :(

    1. Ryuji


      It's good to see you shaxstax! How have you been?

    2. shaxstax


      very well i have a lot of school work on my plate right now but other than that good how are you ?

    3. Ryuji


      I'm doing great!

  8. watched the latest one today and it was solid probly give it a 7 out of 10 overall it has some huge twists just like modka usually does.
  9. im pree sure your always aloud tbh
  10. got a ps2 with kingdom hearts , final fantasy and shadow of colossus
  11. i know iv actually spent a solid amount of figures and statues probly close to 240 cnd or so i have a few that i really like and always keep out . so any ways what statues do you have ? are they all anime or do you have a variety ? post pictures with your reply if you want
  12. yay level 3 hype !

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    2. FSL29


      still long way to go to beat optic xD.

    3. shaxstax


      i dont tink i ever will lol level 3 will be hard as it is :P

    4. FSL29


      dont worry you will be there...in 3 years..

  13. super smash bros melee to be good i log 4-5 hours a day usually to stay on top of tech skill not to mention match ups and player match ups combined with reading frame data its almost a full time job
  14. i met mike tyson the creators of cyanide and happinesses, kenny from kenny vs spenny and chermi leigh the voice actor of asuna
  15. gumi and kagamine rin are super good i listened to some of there stuff and it blew me away compared to miku
  16. for me it would have to be either zelda oot or just cause 2 . i know just cause 2 isn't that old but i was 10 at the time and me and my brother played the poop out of that game so it holds dear memories. zelda oot was my first ever game to play through so you can imagine why i like it so much, my brother and me would play it for hours and would feel like we were going on a huge adventure X3
  17. first game i ever played was zelda oot on the zelda collectors edition for gamecube i still regard it as one of the best games of all time and still go back to it here and there and even speed ran it once . the theme song alone makes my heart warm and makes me happy / nostalgic
  18. i loved this album it just shows how much they're still changing as a band its so cool to see and to listin to
  19. s some taste okay tbh i like monster now and prefer it over coffee
  20. mine is Teriyaki bento boxes this place near me called osaka its the only Japanese food in town but its really good.i usually get the steak or chicken bento box. altogether it comes with sushi tempura, shrimp, dumplings and a heaping load of rice X3. it also has a ginger salad and a miso soup with tofu right before that . altogether this food only costs 12 cnd which is really good for my area so i eat there as much as possible .
  21. shaxstax

    [Shonen] Bakuman

    omg yes i have been out of manga for a while this was the last series i started befor school took over my life i loved the amount i did read and im picking it up again soon for sure
  22. send pics of your computer setups! i know i have a setup for my laptop and another for my pc . my laptop sits on a shelf and my pc sits on a desk i also have a dx racer racing series to stay comfy in
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