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  1. Only sport anime i seen where prince of tennis and dear boys and i welcome you to the af community
  2. Hot choco i have such fine hands their
  3. Wants ps4 for the super robot wars game cause it will include my fav magic knight rayearth
  4. Yup on french fries and mashed potato
  5. Im only good at eating does that count
  6. Im never creative i can't even find itcause im just a ghostly potato after all
  7. We have krispy kreme too along with go nuts donuts i tried go nuts donuts once
  8. Dunkin donuts my fav brand not much for mister donut
  9. I only did it on my school days like hs and first yr college plus i don't think i can now a days since i look after my niece and such
  10. Lol we should do a duet then
  11. Irl i never been in a group like having a lot of friends and such but i was on a church choir even if i sang so badly lol
  12. Im good just woke up abit late today and having breakfast
  13. A very late reply from me hello
  14. My day is starting just did abit of house cleaning
  15. I welcome you to the nice and friendly site of af from kaga the ghostly potato
  16. But at least i can enjoy coffee in other ways like on ice cream,donut or shake
  17. Sadly regular hot coffee hurts me aka due to my ulcer
  18. I always go for choco or coffee flavor for my donuts
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