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  1. @Endynyp i can pm you and tell you why i call them snake and dog but its a long story
  2. I want to kill some snake im not talking about the animal kind
  3. I never gotten to like slam dunk even if it was so popular in my country before
  4. Miss you guys since i was away yesterday
  5. Gosh weekend almost over for me
  6. Ohh nice just like megumin from konosuba then i say explosion
  7. No worries theirs something else i want to kaboom
  8. My day so good so far each time i type good it almost became food
  9. I been seeing the game trailer at youtube
  10. Super robot wars their gonna add my fav anime series from it magic knight rayearth hikaru and nova plus the game is only in japanese version
  11. @Seshi where is cake And i want badly a ps4 due to a game i want to Play.
  12. Aww too bad lol or try fav number might help too
  13. Ohh you should write it down and try it on lotto you might win
  14. i say its hard luck unless if you been dreaming of numbers
  15. Is a day ahead /from the future
  16. I hardly use my mobile cam cause i look simple rather takes pic of food
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