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  1. If i sing the world will end so don't blame me if that happens even if i was a part of church choir until my first yr in college it won't mean my voice in singing is that good
  2. The ghostly potato of af welcome you enjoy it here with us
  3. Nova

    Omg Seshi Congrats on being community manager👏👍

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    2. Seshi


      You can throw me a party lol 😛 

      Missed you today though. Hope you're well.

    3. Nova


      We have nacho party at wicked thread though plus we can add the seshi community manager thing to it

  4. Nacho party with drinks of poison
  5. Bring out drinks and pick your poison
  6. i Nova haunts you i mean welcome you to af
  7. Cause im also from the philippines
  8. I Nova the ghostly potato of af welcome you here
  9. welcome to my dark side then it seems you like the story so far ok im going
  10. Sofi should smash the dog and snake insteadand guys i will be visiting you in your sleep
  11. Having no internet stinks in short that's why i vanish alot and lelouch im rejecting you jk and i like avocado but my two fav are mangoes and pineapple and not into strawberries unless its jam le poof
  12. Aww this potato ghost is honored and will vanish again
  13. Plus your way of showing how you care for me is silly and funny
  14. You know i can just teleport so no escape
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