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  1. Captain America Fantasy or reality?
  2. Nova


    Ah same can't wait to have internet again so i watch anime and play ol games at laptop for now offline mobile games will do for me Can anyone donate to me a ps4 lol jk
  3. Tired,hungry and still sleepy Omg hk does it mean your chinese or something i know the feeling of having no friends especially at school especially if your into anime ah this reminds me of my hs days i was such a loner
  4. Try Tales of the abyss or Konosuba and slayers
  5. Hello and welcome to af glad you joined this friendly site from Nova the ghostly potato
  6. Older anime are the best only a few good ones really interest me plus romance genre is my fav
  7. Hugs back a friend after all And lol Hk those won't affect my ghost side but my potato side will be hurted alot from it
  8. I do know some jrock group L'arc en ciel they did some songs for anime op/ending T.M Revolution same as laruku aka l'arc en ciel they did some op/ending for anime,Back-On And Oral Cigarettes Some other jrock i know are high and mighty colors,bump of chicken,flow etc
  9. Welcome to af have fun being with us here from ghostly potato Nova
  10. Kagura handed back the note she got from Marsh "thank you for lending me your notes from class." "Sofia i might join a club this time you know it might be fun." Kagura tells Sofia .
  11. Hiya and welcome to af im Nova the nice ghostly potato of this site and i can be your friend
  12. I prefer the anime with op/ending Baskstball or Tennis?
  13. Same i seen the remake and live version of sailormoon 90's anime where the greatest
  14. Nova

    I sent a pm for char rp pic👻

  15. Same its a romance school setting even Spots wicked on her lurk mode
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