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  1. Though you two act way too much as a couple
  2. Peanuts Romantic or Sporty?
  3. Lurks

    1. Crevanille


      Sup lurker? XD

    2. Nova


      Just lurking as usual and chatting with my best friend on wicked thread

  4. Bats Catwoman or Poison Ivy?
  5. Even sailormoon had a japanese live ver which i also seen gosh the songs from that series was amazing and some changes to the story too bad it was only one seasonplus a special
  6. For outer i liked neptune ,saturn as well lastly one of the three lights seiya girl/boy lol
  7. I never liked mars that much prefers moon,jupiter ,venus and other scout
  8. It's something they both like to do
  9. Their a thing/couple after all
  10. Hello and welcome to af I'm Nova the ghostly potato of this site
  11. Physical book Learning japanese or korean?
  12. Average but not on my husband list i like yugi adult form though
  13. My current username is from magic knight rayearth hikaru shidou dark side that came from her heartshe blame herself too.much -so much like me
  14. Ahh yugi and this are nice works
  15. Oh i like that partso do i actually
  16. Famous singer coke or pepsi?
  17. Your too nice to be a demon/ghost like meplus yes im a queen that has no king
  18. Lol my first one was kurama from yuyu hakusho i tend to like guys that are either red hair or mysterious kind
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